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Analysis of ICO Sintez



SINTEZ is a revolutionary decentralized blockchain platform for the future economy.

The key elements of SINTEZ are the fully decentralized stable digital currency - Coin, its stability provided by the global economy, and Smart Investing - a unique system for maximizing investment and asset management.

Smart Investing is a component of SINTEZ that allows you to identify your investment requirements flexibly and accurately and implement solutions effectively. According to the founders of the project, investors will not have to «choose strategies and managers yourself!». But such products, where consumers are suggested to "turn off the brain", look quite doubtful.

COIN is proposed to become a stable cryptocurrency by calculating its value based on the value of fiat currencies.

Accordingly, the COIN rate will be linked to the multi-currency basket of fiat currencies. The founders of the project argue COIN will be associated with the entire real economy in this way, and Bitcoin is "not money" because of its high volatility. While transactions in the blockchain will be anonymous, etc. In fact, the founders of the project just don't understand the nature of money and mislead future investors of their project. Despite the cunning scheme of "binding" COIN to a number of fiat currencies, in fact it is not more stable than Bitcoin.

Business Plan

The beta version of the product will appear only in the second quarter of 2018. By the start of ICO product prototype is not yet created, there is only the idea of a product. The road map contains a fairly detailed list of measures to be implemented by the beginning of 2020.

The platform will earn on commissions from transactions.

The funds collected during ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • 30% - Development
  • 10% - Licensing, broker registration
  • 30% - Marketing, PR, ADV
  • 10% - Infrastructure and Hosting
  • 10% - Founders
  • 5% - Provision for COIN and Smart Invest
  • 3% - Advisors
  • 1% - Bounty
  • 1% - Escrow service.

Other details of the business plan are not disclosed.

Marketing Strategy

It is planned to spend 3% of tokens and 1% of the collected funds on bounty program. 30% of funds are planned to be spent on marketing, PR, advertising.

Social network activity looks like this:

  • 112 pages on BitcoinTalk since October 2017
  • Several publications on Medium
  • 622 followers on Facebook and posts gaining 100 – 150 likes
  • 305 members of Telegram chat
  • 1546 readers in Twitter and hundreds of retweets.

That's pretty good. But not enough.


The team consists of only 4 people experienced in online advertising, cryptocurrency investments, IT. This is obviously not enough for the project.

The Vision of the Market

In the White Paper there is a small table, wherethe existing payment systems (Visa, MasterCard), exchange services (PayPal, WebMoney), banks of fiat currencies and some cryptocurrencies are compared. This comparison looks very strange as all these products are in different categories. Market and competitive research has not been conducted. Meanwhile there is already a huge number of platforms that provide similar services. The project team states that they plan to capture 1% of the market in 5-10 years. But these are too common phrases.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience is not described. The product is supposed to become the most convenient for everyone. And this is one of the main mistakes – to make a product "for everybody" without its target audience.

Competitive Advantage

Perhaps the idea of linking COIN to fiat currencies sounds originally, but in fact it is a failed idea designed to throw dust in eyes of investors.