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Analysis of ICO Signals



The Signals platform provides crypto traders with complex tools in a user-friendly way. Even non-experienced traders can participate. The tools are varied and valid for the industry: from advanced charting and classic technical indicators to complex statistical models, crowd wisdom based inputs and machine learning algorithms. Blockchain technology and AI are involved in the ecosystem.

Everyone can assemble crypto trading strategies driven by machine learning - with zero programming skills required. An alpha version of the platform is available.

Business Plan

The White Paper and the website present different components of business plan. Overall, the main components are included, although financial projections are missing. Signals’ business model is based on two main revenue streams: fees on each purchase in the Signals marketplace and subscription model (with several tiers) to access cloud solution for deploying strategies. Token distribution, allocation and pricing are explained. The product description is very extensive, but easy to follow. The roadmap consists of 6 milestones, which are presented in great detail.

Marketing Strategy

Although there is no clear-cut marketing plan presented, the marketing activity of the team is evident. Company’s blog is very informative and is regularly updated, the following on social media networks is solid. There is also a bounty campaign. The project reached agreements with partners like: iExec (blockchain-based cloud computing platform) and SafeDX data center from Foxconn.

It should be noted, that ICO’s soft cap was successfully reached.


The team consists of more than 20 members with expertise in machine learning, blockchain and trading. There are also developers and growth hackers experienced with enterprise solutions. The board of advisors includes entrepreneurs, investors and marketing professionals.

The Vision of the Market

The team has an extensive experience in the industry therefore market research and competitor analysis are thorough and supported by real-life knowledge. Current challenges of the market are listed and explained, Signals solutions are clearly identified.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target segmentation is obvious from the market research: crypto traders and developers. The project goes beyond experienced traders and offers user-friendly solutions to stimulate everyone interested in crypto and trading to become a part of the network.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage of the product is this: sophisticated crypto trading algorithms are provided in a most user-friendly way. Even non-developers can assemble trading strategies, while developers can offer their own strategies via the marketplace. These are main differences between Signals and its competitors. There is very detailed blog post comparing Signals to competitors.

Additional Notes

The White Paper doesn’t have all necessary information like team members, competitor analysis, marketing activities. This information could be found on website’s FAQs section and in company’s blog. This is not very convenient. The White Paper needs to be updated (the current version is 0.8)


Strengths: the platforms offers most advanced trading tools in a user-friendly style opening doors to non-experienced traders. The team is very strong and experienced. Social activity is high and content is of high quality (especially company’s blog posts). There is an alpha version of the platform. The soft cap was already reached.

Weaknesses: the roadmap indicates that full version of the platform will be available in Q3-Q4, 2019 - this is quite a long time span, during which competitors could come up with ready solutions and draw users away.