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Analysis of ICO Sandblock



Founders team presents Sandblock as a tool for defining, measuring and improving customer satisfaction. In measuring part, WP gave only common information about techniques used in marketing for measuring customer satisfaction (like Customer Satisfaction Score or Net Promoter Score) without details of tools planned to use in product. Merchants can create their own Branded Tokens for rewarding their customers for their feedback based on satisfaction measured by product. So, this is a kind of loyalty program – like a cashback program which rewards for buying selected brands, but with more complicated algorithm. This idea is not unique – it is a hybrid of bonus collecting discount multi-brand cards with e-commerce and theoretical customer satisfaction measurement.

There is existing alpha version of Sandblock with points earning which in future probably will be converted to tokens. Full release will be performed in Q3.

Business Plan

As many projects, Sandblock’s WP contains no detailed business plan information – only information about token distribution (50% are planning to crowdsale) and funds received usage (50% on product development and 30% on sales, marketing and partnerships). No more information about detailed business plan was presented in WP.

Marketing Strategy

Sandblock is a marketing tool for wide range of merchants, and full absence of marketing strategy description looks very suspicious.


There is no information of team on website or whitepaper at all – probably it is a scam sign.

The Vision of the Market

No detailed information of market was presented in any Sandblock materials – it is unbelievable for marketing tool with alpha version on market. This may be a scam sign.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Also, there are no detailed information about target audience. Probably it will be all e-shopping community, but there are no marketing research data related to it.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages are common for blockchain implementation in big data processing – fast and secure recording of database and its changes. But there were no presentation of some products’ unique advantages, despite of there are many ICOs of projects like this with more disclosed information.


Project strong sides: looks like there are no string sides.

Project weak sides: common words about measurement techniques, business plan or any marketing data was not presented.

So our position is negative, probably scam.