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Analysis of ICO RETN



Retainly is building the first crypto cashback protocol, where cashback are offered in RETN tokens. The platform has 3 components: a cashback website for consumers, a DApp and Collie - plug-and-play loyalty ecosystem for online business. All products has working versions.

Retainly is also a fast growing marketing automation platform which offers modules for lead generation, engagement and conversion. The system uses Customer Engagement Score which is created with AI algorithm. This same Score can also be used by Collie to reward customers.

Business Plan

Business plan has all major components, except marketing plan. Business model, financial plan and projections and competitor analysis are presented in details. The data is supported by graphs and stats. The business of RETN coin has been designed to ensure a closed loop for the flow of currency. It means that while consumers can buy or receive tokens as a reward, they can also use them to purchase goods via integrated crypto POS systems, or withdraw cash from a crypto ATM. This will insure coins’ circulation thus increasing its utility. Platform’s technology architecture and key features are described in details. Tokens’ pricing model, sale and distribution are presented.

Marketing Strategy

The White Paper states that 63% of budget will be allocated to marketing. But there is no marketing plan given. The product is getting good press coverage and the team visit relevant events. Social media activity is high on all platforms and numbers of followers are solid.


Team members have experience in marketing, design and development. There are 4 advisory members with expertise in ICO and blockchain. There are no experts in finance and business development.

The Vision of the Market

The marketing research and competitor analysis are conducted with precision and are supported by various data and stats. The product provides solution for 3 micro-markets: marketing automation, referral marketing and loyalty marketing. Current situation within these industries is explained and main limitations are presented.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The segmentation of the audience is straightforward, there are two big groups: merchants and customers. The White Paper presents current limitations for both groups and benefits offered by Retainly.

Competitive Advantage

There is a stiff competition in the industry and the White Paper mentions two main competitors: MailChimp and Intercom. Comparisons are provided with current and future advantages of Retainly listed.


Strengths: there are already 2000 businesses as customers and 1.3 million consumers since January 2017. Financial plan and projections are presented in much detail, there are additional financial documents and spreadsheets. The platform is integrated with numerous 3rd party services providers and applications. Current partners: Lancome, AliExpress, Adidas and others. Soft cap was reached.

Weaknesses: marketing plan is not presented. The team needs more members and advisors with diverse backgrounds.