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Analysis of ICO


Product is a cashback marketplace based on the blockchain and powered by the REME-Coin. Payments made by REME-Coin are real-time transactions, which don’t require any additional steps from parties involved. Repay-me start-up was launched in 2015 with a goal to create an e-commerce platform with 100% cashback. The platform includes three parts:

  • Marketplace for retailers
  • Cashback module for users
  • Advertising module for advertisers and advertising agencies.

An MVP was developed during 2016 and 2017; a marketplace is scheduled for Q3 2018 launch (exclusive registration by invitation only).    

Business Plan

The business model of the platform enables almost unlimited application and usage opportunities. Online and offline shops, new and used items, booking service for advertisers; all industries could be involved. The business model includes three elements:

  • Up to 100% cashback
  • Faster cashback on all purchases through recommendation system
  • Providing cashback for other activities than purchasing.

REME-Coin, which is a utility token, will have a measurable value. The fixed value each token will hold is the following: each REME-Coin stands for a certain number of ads, which is checked and adjusted if necessary. The issue price of a token is based on the market value for advertising inserts on comparable marketplaces. Potential growth of token value depends on the growing number of users. Additionally, new forms of advertising could be bought exclusively with REME-Coin, thus further increasing its value. Part of the cashback will be paid in REME-Coins once they’re issued (Q3 2018).    

Marketing Strategy

Sales and marketing will get 25% of funds raised. The WP presents rather detailed marketing plan for different stages of platform’s life. Pre-launch stage (6 weeks before launch of the marketplace) users will be given an opportunity to register on the platform. Early adopters will get up to 20% extra cashback bonuses on all purchases during a year. The earlier sign up was performed, the higher the bonus received. Launch day will see lots of competitions with valuable prizes, these activities will be heavily promoted and advertised. Social networks are at the core of marketing activities which will include campaigns, viral competitions and content customization for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The team is already active on social media platforms, of which Facebook and Telegram have the highest numbers of followers.


Team members have varied backgrounds in software development, financial services, marketing, management, IT, advertising and HR. Advisors add expertise in legal (including crypto market law), business consulting and e-commerce.

The Vision of the Market

The platform will operate in digital market, targeting e-commerce, advertising and cashback industries. The WP has a detailed analysis of the market, supported by graphs and stats. Real-life problems of the industry include:

  • Cashback systems are too complicated for the average user
  • The cashback is often insufficient and was included in the price in advance
  • Companies monetize consumers’ data without giving anything back
  • Good coupon code is difficult to find. addresses these limitations via platform features and benefits for target audience.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented in three groups: customers, advertisers and retailers. The WP describes existing issues of each group and solutions addressing them.    

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP. It states that is the first platform with 100% cashback options. Even if there are no direct competitors yet, the project is aiming at highly saturated and competitive market of e-commerce where new players appear regularly.


Strengths: demo and explanation videos. The WP is very extensive with detailed description of product’s functionality and architecture. High potential of market niche (cashback market). Unlimited marketplace: almost every industry and user can use the platform. Cashback will be made in real time and will be fully transparent.       

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no competitor analysis; no FAQs section on the website. Team needs experts in blockchain technologies and ICO consulting, according to analysts from expert-coin rating. There are no members with e-commerce experience either. The platform’s goal is to become a global cashback hub - there could be legal and tax issues in different countries.