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Analysis of ICO QuarkChain



QuarkChain is a high-capasity P2P transactional system. Probably it will be a next generation of blockchain networking.

It has 2 levels: first - elastic sharding blockchains (shards) and root blockchain that confirms blocks from shards. I.e. it can be named 'blockchain of blockchains'. This structure will have data capacity more than 100k transactions per second (VISA payments system allows 65K TPS, Bitcoin 4 TPS and Ethereum only 10 TPS).

Additionally it will allow creation its own smart contracts and there will be possible a migration of tokens based on Etherium to QuarkChain infrastructure. Founders believe QuarkChain in future can replace all Ethereum infrastructure (including all Ethereum based items).

There will be second version of testnet launched in May 2018. Mainnet will be launched only in Q4 2018.

Unfortunately, there are mostly technical presentation of the product without commercial details.

Business Plan

There is no information about business plan or token economics – only conception of a token as a ‘fuel’ for the network.

Marketing Strategy

Founders describe only brief directions of their marketing plans: DApps developers, Internet of Things, Big Data and ‘sending real business to blockchain’ – this means only bright words, but no more.


Founder have experience in Facebook and Google; other team has IT and marketing specializations; no finance persons can be found there. Advisors team listed on website without any links to profiles and any proofs of participating.

The Vision of the Market

No clear market analysis was performed in WP or other documents.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience consists, according the WP, from:

  • Developers of decentralized applications
  • Internet of Things coders
  • Businesses who are interested in blockchain
  • Big data analysts.

This is very inaccurate definition of the target audience, but it is better than nothing, on our team’s opinion.

Competitive Advantage

According the WP, main competitors of the QuarkChain are existing and popular blockchain platforms – Bitcoin and Ethereum. And the testnet shows speed higher than these platforms, according the website data.


Project strong sides: interesting conception which probably can be the next stage of blockchain development; testnet results (in case they will be proved).

Project weak sides: lack of business development information – there is no presentation of token economics, marketing details and other information viable for future investors.

So our position is negative.