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Analysis of ICO Qravity



The QRavity platform will be a tool for decentralized development of content (films, music, games etc) with project management tools, virtual asset productionnd  aapproval, file management and messaging for team members and community. Qravity will have a special tool Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) which will be issued by each project founder as payment tool for each project task. 10% of QPT will be a Qravity fee.

When Qravity-based project will start sells and receives payments nominated in QCO (Qravity internal currency), all its stakeholders will receive QCO in values proportional their number of QPT owed. QCO will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Qravity will have these roles (i.e. types of accounts):

  • Project founders – persons who starts a project, gives a tasks to content creators etc.
  • Content creators – freelance employees of each projects
  • Distributers – persons who provide marketing-related services for finished products
  • Consumers – persons who will pay for each Qravity-based content.

According the roadmap presented, MVP was ready in July 2017, but there are no signs of it on webpage. First platform launch and first product creation (film Lizzard Maddoxx) is expected in September 2018.

Business Plan

WP presents only ways of monetization: fees from customers’ payments, from distribution profits, ans revenues from merchandising. No clear financial model was presented.

According the WP, 50% of tokens will be sold on market, 22% will be sent to team members and advisors; no information about freeze of tokens was presented. 37% of funds received will be used for Qravity projects marketing, 19% will be used for platform marketing and only 14% will be used for platform development.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy was presented in WP, only brief information about referral program and conceptual design of referral interface.


The core team contains only two founders – CEO and CFO; development team contains also 2 persons. All other persons were introduced as advisors. All of them have realistic LinkedIn profiles, and part of them have a note which proves their work with Qravity. According our opinion, project like this needs in more employees than two managers, two developers and some number of freelancers or advisors.

The Vision of the Market

No clear market research was presented in WO, only brief review of main competitors and their strong and weak sides in comparison with Qravity project.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of project are all content users, producers and all related persons: managers, distributers etc. WP contains a description of all main categories of them as user account types and their functional differences.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains comparing analysis of project and its main competitors: traditional production studies, crowdfunding platforms; and shows that Qravity can play with them on one field.


Project strong sides: interesting idea, clear understanding of project competitors.

Project weak sides: weak business plan, lack of marketing strategy, insufficient team.

So our position is negative.