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Analysis of ICO Plaza Systems



Plaza Systems is a marketplace platform which offers the ability to quickly browse and shop products across the whole internet, anytime and from anywhere. This platform is based on blockchain and is supported by AI.

Payments are made in project’s own tokens, making transactions private and secure. AI search engine helps to find best options for goods and services. An ecosystem includes:

  • PlazaCard: a debit card for everyday transactions in shops and at restaurants
  • Mobile application: online shopping on the go
  • PlazaConcierge: a smart speaker which serves as a personal assistant, cryptocurrency hardware wallet and a “mining” rig.

The core idea behind this project is to eliminate the complexities of blockchain and cryptocurrency payments for a mainstream e-commerce consumer, making this technology user-friendly and widely accepted.

Business Plan

The White Paper refers to a separate document, which presents a business model of a project. There are SWOT analysis, detailed revenue model and financial planning framework. Thorough description of token sale and distribution is given in the White Paper. The only thing missing is a 5-years financial projections.

Marketing Strategy

Go to market strategy is described in a separate document (there is nothing in the White Paper). The strategy is rather basic and follows the usual steps for promoting a product:

  • Prototyping and testing (that’s where an early adopters will start to spread the word about platform)
  • Production and adoption
  • Building the community (via social media and PPC advertising).

The roadmap is well-constructed, has clear phases and realistic goals.


Information about team and advisors could be found on projet’s website; there is nothing on this in the White Paper. The team has 4 core members with relevant expertise in e-commerce, entrepreneurship, consulting and communications. There are 3 partners with special focuses on technology, marketing and legal issues. There are also 3 advisors with proven expertise in banking/payments technology, data security and business development.

The one expertise which is missing is marketing.

The Vision of the Market

Marketing research and competitor analysis are very detailed, presented in numbers and graphs and supported by data from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte. Challenges within an e-commerce market are clearly identified and solutions are offered. Team’s big experience in the industry adds up to research and provides a clear vision of the market and its needs.

There is also a detailed explanation of benefits which blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments will bring to the market.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is identified as a mainstream e-commerce consumer, which may sound a bit vague. But the core idea behind PlazaSystem is to make blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions a daily reality for a common online shopper who doesn’t have a specific knowledge in technology. E-commerce market is very wide and it covers large target audience, this may explain the absence of more detailed audience segmentation.

Competitive Advantage

Competitor analysis is well conducted resulting in listing of six competitors. There is a comparison table which makes it easy to identify PlazaSystem’ competitive advantages. Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are also described.

Additional commentaries

The White Paper is currently in “draft” stage; there are several other documents explaining different aspects of the project. Overall impression: the founders claim their platform will be intuitive to use even for newbies in blockchain/cryptocurrency.

And yet, the White Paper looks very complicated. The website, on the other hands, is filled with infographics which makes it easier to understand the platform.

The company is present on all social media platforms, including GitHub, Reddit and BitcoinTalk.