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Analysis of ICO Pingvalue



Pingvalue is a solution which connects directly advertiser and customer via  blockchain-powered solutions and number of Pingspots – Wifi points installed by Pingvalue. These things will provide these opportunities:

  • a direct channel between business and customer for sending perfect message
  • visibility for all advertisements via Pingspot sphashpage
  • free Wifi for customers as attracting point.

Also, via Pingspots businesses and customers will connect to a PingValue platform which, according the words of founders, will make a new innovative advertisement models – without descriptions what this mean. Platform will make analysis of customers’ traffic (who are visitors, and who just passed throwgh). Also platform will manage a big data of customers and their behavior for creating a new ways of advertisement.

Founders have something that they call MVP – application in Google Play and AppStore which can found products and places near customer based on community data and geolocation. I.e. it looks like Google Maps service, not more.

Tokens will be used as internal currency for advertising capacity and big data analytics, and by businesses for loyalty programs.

As a scaling their project, founders think to apply this technology to analyzing traffic, parking, street furniture i.e. make ‘smart city’ infrastructure.

Business Plan

According the WP, 80% of tokens will be sold during private sell and ICO, 15% will be given to founders, and 5% - to foundation. Funds received will be spent according these proportions:

  • Marketing – 39%
  • Staff - 35% (without selection of R&D and operational costs)
  • Capex – 6%
  • Technical costs 15%.

No information about time of launching project was given; roadmap ends at November 2017. No information about expenses or profit values was presented in WP. But, according their own words, startup received venture financing from Dutch private fund in amount of EUR 1,2 million. No proofs of this were found in open sources.

Marketing Strategy

Despite of reward program (without details) founders described no marketing strategy – and it is very strange for ‘revolutionary innovatiove advertisement product’.


Team looks full and balanced on all axis – management, marketing, IT, technical and finance. Team founder Luciano Scatorchia describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, but looking via internet can show only PingValue project.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains just brief information about Internet of Things, online advertisement and analytics market volumes, and aims of project sells in these fields in 2019 (less than 1% of any described segment).

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience, according the WP, from the customer side consists from these categories: students, yappies, household buyers, bloggers. No estimation of their quantity and description why these segments are in priority was given.

From the business side it includes all segments of B2C – from entrepreneurs to top brands.

So, the vision of target audience is very unclear.

Competitive Advantage

As competitors, founders present specific services like Shopkick or Tripadviser, but completely ‘forgot’ about geo-locational map services with advertisements, user replies – like Google maps, and a WiFi hotspots owed by shopping malls with advertisements via splash page. This is very strange for team who started to develop this project in 2-014, according their roadmap.


Project strong sides:  looks like no.

Project weak sides:  ambitious plans without any clear analysis and researches.

So our position is negative, probably scam.