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Analysis of ICO Phantasma Protocol



Phantasma is decentralized content sharing platform. According the WP, it consists from these elements:

  • Box – general interface for storing and sharing content
  • Messages – data items stored in boxes, probably they can be linked with external content This is the way to creating decentralized email applications
  • Gate – permissioned gateway to a Box with token as a key.

So, by the fact it is blockchain-powered social network with tokens as internal currency and interface looking like old email programs. First demo was presented, according the website, at NEO Devcon. MVPs will be presented after ICO. Full release will be performed at Q4 2018.

Business Plan

65% of tokens will be sold during ICO, and only 30% of funds will be used for development, despite of full release in Q4 2018; 40% will be used on marketing without description of ways of usage.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy described in WP despite of this product is planning as social network with additional functions.


Team looks professional, having real Linkedin profiles and all positions are filled: management, IT, marketing, finance, blockchain. Two co-founders have also GitHub profiles.  But according LinkedIn profile of Sergio Flores, he is a founder of Lunar Labs. According the Bloomberg data, there were no Sergio Flores between the founders’ team.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains just a brief description of closed content-oriented project – from Napster to Pirate Bay and no more market information presented. Probably founders believe their project will sell himself.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of the project is all social network community – without any details presented in WP or website.

Competitive Advantage

WP presented just a standard blockchain advantages like securing and fastest transmission of information.


Project strong sides: looks like no.

Project weak sides: probably fake information in team section, a big lack of market information and strategy, absence of business plan details.

So our position is negative, probably scam.