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Analysis of ICO PerfectChain Network



Founders are presenting Perfectchain Network as a next stage of blockchain development – i.e. mostly designed for token support, not for currencies support like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Traditional blockchain systems use full trustless ledger of all actions; PerfectChain improves speed and usability by maintaining an directed graph of the verifiable hashes of the output of all actions. Founders believe that product based on this logic will be faster, more secured and more useful than existing blockchain infrastructure.

Product Roadmap contain only future milestones, and from it we can find that MVP will be ready only in Q3 2018; smart contracts will be released in Q4 2018, and in Q2 2019, according the roadmap, there will be PerfectChain Bank and Cards.  These very ambitious plans should be supported by strong business model and marketing researches.

Business Plan

Despite of the ambitious plans, the project contain no business plan at all only hard cap (USD 14 million) and token distribution (70% will be sold during ICO and other tokens are related to team, advisors, sbounty and partnership without any information of token freeze).

So, all presented documents contain no information about business plan, funds received usage, risks etc. Additionally, founders plan to sell or distribute all tokens without any plans to make token reserve.

Marketing Strategy

WP contains no information about marketing strategy – only word ‘bounty’ in token distribution plan without any details.


Website contains only photo and link on person’s Linkedin profile. Founders’ profile is unavailable on LinkedIn; other team members’ profiles are available but contain no links to PerfectChain project; looks like they have an employment in different other projects. So, it looks like a scam sign.

The Vision of the Market

No market research was performed by founders – only ambitious plan to create a next stage of blockchain development.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Possibly the target audience of the project will be all Bitcoin and especially Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens users. But WP contains no researches or other information about this market. Additionally, project’s Telegram community contains only 1K members.

Competitive Advantage

According the WP, the main competitor of the project is Ethereum – because project, according the WP, is more useful for token creation and usage. But there was presented only brief algorithm descryption, and no any proofs, no testnet information or links.


Project strong sides: possibly more improved internal logic than used in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Project weak sides: founder’s LinkedIn profile is unavailable, team members’ profiles contain no links to project; no clear business model and marketing strategy were presented.

So our position is negative, having some scam signs.