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Analysis of ICO Payera



Payera is an ecosystem that focuses on simple shopping and safe payments. It includes three products:

  • Payera - the payment platform for safe crypto transactions
  • Shopera - an online shopping marketplace for new and used goods
  • Cardera - a crypto payment card for everyday use. The card is connected to Payera wallet.

Therefore, Payera is a multifunctional solution for online shopping and cryptocurrency markets.

Business Plan

The main source of revenue will be a system of fees. Users can switch their accounts for business ones for a fee. The total purchase fee will be 1% - instead of 2.9%-5% at competitors marketplaces. The basic fee per article being sold will be $0.05-0.50, depending on the value of goods. Private sellers will be able to sell 10 articles per month free of charge, by paying a fee an extra amount of articles will be allowed to sell.

The ICO is needed to increase international support and build up a marketing team, to cover costs for product development and market analysis. The team targets at least 6M private users and 100K international business accounts registered on the platform in its first 3 years of functioning.     

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have marketing plan, there is no information on distribution of funds raised. Social media accounts were launched just recently, the team is rather active and responsive.


Team members have diverse backgrounds and experiences in marketing, IT, development, engineering, ICO and crypto investment. Advisors have expertise in IT security, marketing, strategy and management fields.   

The Vision of the Market

The project targets very saturated and crowded market of online shopping and cryptocurrency industry and yet there is no market analysis in the WP. It is understood that Payera will firstly operate in Asia and move to a global market gradually.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The segmentation is very basic and includes two large groups: buyers and sellers. Further segmentation needed (for example, by demographics of users or by goods categories from sellers).

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP. The Payera ecosystem is unique in a way that it combines three concepts - online payments, online shopping and credit card. But there are such big players like Alibaba, Tencent (WeChat owner), Baidu, - to name just a few - that have all capacities to create similar ecosystem quicker and with lesser resources.


The project looks undeveloped and needs more work done, according to analysts from expert-coin rating.   

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis. There is no information on distribution of funds raised. The WP is incomplete; it is stated that technical details will be available after ICO. The WP has lots of mistakes (English is rather poor). There are no financial and legal experts/advisors, startup and ICO consultants in the team. The targeted market is very competitive and there are big players capable of launching the same product in lesser time and with huge community support.