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Analysis of ICO Noxbox



Noxbox is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to get any service they need at fair price and with a single click. The service market includes: repair and construction/transport/tire services, food delivery, cleaning and laundry, haircuts and beauty treatments, gardening etc. A personal bitcoin wallet is created for each user to make payments in cryptocurrencies quick and easy.

An MVP of an app is available for download via AppStore and GooglePlay.

Business Plan

The working model is the following: the user install the Noxbox application (mobile, tablet or desktop), clicks on the Service Order, the closest provider with highest rating arrives and provides the service. Payment is performed in automatically and in cryptocurrency; service provider get an update on the rating.  Noxbox will get a fee for each service provided.

What investors will get:

  • The company profit will be distributed among token holders once in a quarter
  • Service providers with tokens will receive an additional bonus for the service offered
  • Users with tokens will receive a discount on the service used.

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have marketing plan. It is stated that 40% of funds raised will be distributed to marketing and 10% - to bonus programs and special offers. The team is very active and responsive on social media platforms; numbers of followers are solid.

According to an official project thread on Bitcointalk, users will be attracted with in-ap bonuses like free first service, discounts for consumers and rewards for service providers with best ratings.


Team members are young and their professional experiences don’t exceed 5 years. They are specialists in system architecture, finance, smart contracts developing, marketing and PR, entrepreneurship. Advisers add expertise in bitcoin and ICO consulting.

The Vision of the Market

There is no market research in the WP. There is a brief overview of service finding process (from user’s perspective), highlighting the fact that this process is time consuming and inefficient.

Market research of one or two service industries should be conducted, stressing the current state and real-life problems faced by both users and service providers, supported by stats.  

Understanding of the Target Audience

There is no audience segmentation. It is vaguely claimed that the platform will be launched in all countries and everyone can use it.  

Competitive Advantage

There is competitor analysis. Although the idea to have all services on one platform may be unique, there are blockchain projects offering particular types of services. La’Zooz and Arcade City in collaborative transport, Open Bazaar in decentralized markets, Provenance in food tracking and so on.  


The idea behind the project is valid and has a certain potential, according to analysts from expert-coin rating.

Weaknesses: failed to reach $1,000,000 during 1st round of ICO, according to company’s twitter (money were returned, work continues). There is no financial plan/projections, market research, marketing strategy and competitor analysis. The WP is very short and has little relevant information, the website doesn’t add anything either. Team needs more expertise and experienced advisors, according to analysts from expert-coin rating.  There are 3 advisors, more are needed (with varied backgrounds and knowledge of services industry).