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Analysis of ICO Nousplatform



Nousprotocol will allow the swift formation of all types of investment funds to manage blockchain assets. Funds will be equipped with a complete set of required tools to manage portfolios with full accountability and transparency. Investors can use Nousprotocol to conduct transactions for acquisition or disposition of the fund equity interests. One of the primary advantages of the Nousprotocol for open-ended funds is the ability to redeem equity shares from investors via Nous Tokens held by the fund in portfolio reserves. In this case, the fund does not need to sell its reserved equity in order to pay out to the investor. The founders of Nousprotocol believe this mechanism will create growth dynamics by increasing the liquidity of funds. In addition, Nousprotocol can be used to create closed-ended funds and alternative asset funds, such as venture capital, real estate or private equity funds. These closed-ended funds may be listed on any cryptocurrency exchange with the Nous token as clearing currency.

These funds can use Nousplatform to raise initial capital via ICO.

But there is a great competition in this sphere and the product is quite banal.

Business Plan

The first beta version of the product is going to appear in March – May 2018, further development of the product is planned until 2019.

At the first stage, the Nousplatform will develop five types of funds:

  1. Open-ended Investment Funds.
  2. Closed-ended Investment Funds.
  3. Venture Capital Funds.
  4. Charitable Funds.
  5. Family Trust Funds.

Two types of tokens are presented on the platform.

The NSS is a security token, which represents an equity ownership of the company. NSS token holders will have an opportunity to participate in the Nousplatform revenue as a shareholder and to vote on certain matters that pertain to their rights as NSS token holders. The NSU Token is a utility token designed as in-platform currency to establish enhanced functionality of the Nousplatform.

Allocation of funds:

  • 5% Open source software development
  • 5% Legal Expenses, Licenses (FCA, SEC, etc.)
  • 15% Marketing
  • 5% Operational Expenses
  • 50% Equity Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Business Expansion
  • 20% Company Reserves

When a business or company tokenizes assets on Nousplatform it will receive a percentage from equity allocation. Additional sources of revenue:

  1. Fees and income associated with startup launch and support.
  2. Real estate acquisitions, development, sales and rental.
  3. Acquisitions of the shares of companies in tangible segments of economy.
  4. Fees and income associated with launch of funds.

The business plan looks quite clear.

Marketing Strategy

There is no hint oа marketing strategy in the White Paper. Let see what is going on in social media:

  • 47 pages on BitcoinTalk since October 2017
  • 1686 members in Telegram
  • 3202 readers in Twitter
  • 26883 followers on Facebook and almost no activity, obviously boosted group
  • 160 followers on Medium and posts gaining 50 – 250 likes.

It is not so bad but it is not enough.


As it is stated in the White Paper, key team members have «decades of experience in IT projects, metal manufacturing, raw energy industry, sales and marketing, and technology law». Totally there are 5 people in the team. They are supported by 10 advisers experienced in entrepreneurship, asset management, blockchain industry. As for team members, their experience isn’t discovered in details, only links to LinkedIn. There is no information about previous successful projects managed by the team or its members.

The Vision of the Market

The White Paper provides a brief overview of general data on traditional asset management and digital asset management. The founders of the project conclude that there is a huge potential for the development of tools for digital asset management. But a detailed analysis of the sphere of digital asset management was not carried out. The project description compares the platform with three other competitors closest in functionality. But actually in this sphere Nousplatform has much more competitors. It was necessary to conduct a more detailed analysis of similar platforms and assess the possible market share of Nousplatform. This would be fair to those who are willing to invest in the project. It would not be superfluous to give a forecast of market development.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The main part of the target audience are fund managers, who operate with investors’ assets. The Nousplatform by itself is a powerful tool for attracting and creating a pool of potential investors. By using the Nousplatform, an investor will be able to invest in any resident fund at any time by purchasing equity shares with NSU utility token. An investor on the Nousplatform will be able to choose from multiple funds with differentiated portfolios to diversify risks. Investors will receive tools for analysis and evaluation based on statistical data.

The target audience is described quite clearly though not very detailed.

Competitive Advantage

Nousplatform approach will ensure fairness and transparency for both parties and will help protect investors from any manipulation by fund managers. The main advantages for investors are simplicity, transparency, the ability to diversify, quick deposit or withdrawal of funds, no bureaucracy, set rules of participation for all the parties involved, no minimum amount entry requirements, and unaltered and accurate data.

The main advantage for managers is the ability to attract new investors. Also Nousplatform uses escrow services to provide security and peace of mind to all participants.

But other platforms offer absolutely the same.