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Analysis of ICO NOIA Network



NOIA is a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) powered by blockchain. It utilized unused bandwidth and storage from computers around the world. The network creates widely distributed layer of internet’s infrastructure thus improving the way data is delivered across the www. By applying P2P file sharing protocols, AI and blockchain, NOIA enables computers to serve as points of presence (POPs) for web content and delivery through local internet networks globally. Every individual can set up a NOIA node and get a reward for contributing. Every website and application can use the NOIA network for content delivery and cut down expenses.

Working model of NOIA is based on a caching website’s content across decentralized network of computers and delivering it to a user in a fastest way possible. A user gets content directly from NOIA’s network thus the need in intermediary is eliminated.  

Business Plan

NOIA can be used to cache and deliver any type of content existing on the internet. It’s designed to be highly-scalable, easy-to-use solution which doesn’t require any major technological changes for a website. The business model is build in a way that NOIA can work as an additional layer of any type of content hosting or a CDN service. NOIA can be used on top of it and significantly reduce content delivery costs.

NOIA tiken is the sole currency used by customers within the system to “pay” nodes that deliver content. One NOIA token represents 5GB of data transfer. The exchange between NOIA token and amount of data transferred will be pegged during ICO only. Existing CDN providers price their services around $0.80 per GB. Given NOIA network reaches its hard cap ($36M), price per 1GB would be equal to $0.01.  

Marketing Strategy

40% of funds raised will be allocated to marketing activities (global awareness, community building, user acquisition). The implementation of the platform will have 3 stages and include 3 operational areas (at each stage): technology, network, business development & sales (marketing strategy):

  • Stage 1 (Q1 2018): focus on establishing partnerships (startups engaged in content hosting and AI/networking technologies)
  • Stage 2 (Q3 2018): focus on attracting potential customers (image hosting, news media, gaming websites based in UK, Japan and South Korea to begin with)
  • Stage 3 (Q2 2019): start of broad marketing campaign .

Currently, the team is active on social media platforms, most of which were launched in early 2018, therefore numbers of followers are not high (except for Telegram).


Management team consists of professionals in business development, product management, marketing, investor relationships and legal. Development team has specialists in blockchain, solution architecture, software engineering, neural networks and AI. Previous work experience includes such companies as Skype, JP Morgan and Dropbox. There is one advisor and he offers expertise in smart contracts.

The Vision of the Market

The WP has an extensive research of CDN market and state of internet (in terms of broadband speed). Global internet infrastructure remains fragmented and lacks integrity. Countries differ in terms of high speed broadband connectivity and network availability. Due to this, direct data transfers between geographically distant end-points suffer from high latencies and slow upload/download speed. NOIA network utilizes a sharing economy approach in its services distribution and addressing current limitations of internet and CDN.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented into the following groups: content providers (smaller and medium/large companies) and users. Content providers are segmented further into:

  • Video content platforms
  • Software downloads
  • Audio streaming sites
  • Image hosting sites.

The project’s primary target audience are businesses with large global reach, offering bandwidth-intensive media.

Competitive Advantage

Even though business model of NOIA is designed to be used as a complement to hosting and CDN services, it is still relevant to compare NOIA with other CDN solutions. The WP offers a comparison table, where 5 CDN providers - including Akamai and Amazon Cloudfront - are reviewed against NOIA. Main advantage of the project is in blockchain technology application, which leads to system decentralization and to costs reduction. Another advantage is in NOIA’s unlimited applicability due to highly scalable business model. Other advantages are:

  • Simplicity of setting up and usage
  • Delivering any type of content
  • No need to make changes to start using NOIA
  • Low risks.


According to expert-coin analytics, the idea behind the project has very high potential and addresses real-life problems within the industry. However, the product is technologically complicated, which may require further financial and human resources.

Strengths: high scalability of business model. Weekly development updates from the team (via YouTube). The WP has marketing strategy description and detailed competitor analysis.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections. Website states that Demo/MVP will be available end of March 2018, as of April 20th there is no MVP. The team needs more international specialists and advisors, according to analytics of expert-coin rating.