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Analysis of ICO MoviesСhain



MoviesChain is a blockchain-based, secure and failure-resistant platform that brings film viewers and independent cinematographers together. The main goal is to eliminate intermediary distributors thus tackling the problem of market inefficiency, when third-parties end up with half of revenues. The benefits for viewers are:

  • A user-friendly navigation interface
  • Efficient recommendation system
  • Attractive pricing
  • The ZVR crypto-token.

MoviesChain, a product of TVzavr, works by having ZVR tokens transfer value from an independent film rights owner directly to a customer. Independent film rights owners can customize conditions of access to the video content under the terms of smart contracts. An alpha version of the MoviesChain app is available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

Business Plan

MoviesChain was developed by TVzavr, a company which provide video-on-demand services from 2009. After the launch of MoviesChain v.1.0 platform (scheduled for September 2018), the plan is to further extend the product model to create a global ecosystem supporting independent film producers. This ecosystem - MoviesChain v.2.0 - will include:

  • MoviesChain University
  • MoviesChain Screen, a social network for project developers and experts
  • MoviesChain Platform, a quick and easy crowdfunding platform for new films
  • MoviesChain Awards
  • MoviesChain Target, an advertising platform for film creators
  • MoviesChain Promotion, a platform which provides strategic interactive marketing communication services
  • MoviesChain v.2.0 is scheduled for early 2019 release.

Token sale will take place in 5 stages with different bonuses (starting with 25% on the first stage and ending with 5% on the fifth). ZVR token owners will have the right to watch all video content on and (two other projects of TVzavr) on all devices.

Marketing Strategy

The project is supported by TVzavr which have got 30 million unique users per month in 2017. Among TVzavr clients are Fortune 500 companies like Nestle, P&G, L’Oreal, Google and others. MoveisChain will get 50% of funds received from the original token release for marketing activities. Most of the marketing strategy evolves around MoviesChain v.2.0 platform. The team is very active on social media platforms and numbers of followers are high.


There are more than 70 people. Management includes experienced specialists in IT, PR, communication and content creation, business development. Project developers have diverse backgrounds in software, hardware and web developments. Advisory team adds expertise from financial sector, film, literature and entrepreneurship.

The Vision of the Market

Market research presented in the WP is very extensive and detailed, supported by graphs and stats. There are growth forecasts for online film industry, state of distribution channels in different geo markets, overview of the film industry market by geo. The problems within the industry are also identified: copyright infringement, limited target audiences of independent films, monopoly of big studios, lack of diversity in content etc. The team’s industry knowledge was gained during development of two previous products, so the vision of the market is clear.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The project is aimed at independent film creators and industry in whole; viewers are also part of target audience.

Competitive Advantage

The market is saturated with Netflix, YouTube and Amazon being the biggest players. The main advantage of MoviesChain is in its database of unique video content focused on independent films, which are not easily accessible for mass market.


Strengths: An alpha version of the app available for download. MoviesChain will benefit from experience and database of TVzavr. Deep knowledge of the market. Big team with experienced members. Partnerships with “big names” in business and industry (via TVzavr).