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Analysis of ICO Merculet



Merculet is proposed as a solution for transforming the relationship between consumer, investor, and producer using 'internet of value' conception. Basic components of a project are:

  • User Attention Value – the system of estimating and evaluating user’s attention to entrepreneur’s content
  • User Attention Token – token issued by entrepreneurs for rewarding users’ attention
  • Merculet Open Content Platform – the decentralized platform for the entire industry.

Main idea of the platform is measuring user’s attention to a content and making rewards to him for his attention – i.e. making token payments to him for exchange on his attention (like following on Twitter) and he will use these tokens for payments to issuer or, in another type of tokens – to any Merculet participant.

Founders believe that usage of their blockchain project can be useful for content circulation on Internet, but there are no clear explanation how it can increase businesses' profit. Most closer description of the project is a kind of loyalty program – ‘rewards for FB likes’, for example.

First beta version will be released in Q2 2018; full beta – in Q4 2018, final release – in the 1st half of 2019.

Business Plan

WP and website present only token distribution. No information about sales plan and business plan was presented – only ambitious plans to transform relations between market participants.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy presented, and it is very strange for the project which is planning to transform relationships between enterprises and customers, i.e. provide new marketing technologies.


The team has one disbalance - financial position there is absent. And looks like there are no proofs of founder's achievements can be found on the Internet. But he participates in crypto events, so it may be a proof of his professional skills. Advisors board are from IT, blockchain and VC funds, but there are no proofs of their real participation in the project.

The Vision of the Market

WP presented just a brief description of issues from ‘internet of value’ conception’s point of view – i.e. monetization of user attention. But there are no proofs of real existing of these issues.

Understanding of the Target Audience

According to the WP, target audience of the project consists from all Internet-based enterprises. But there are no estimations of market volume and segment planned to conquer.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains no information about competitors and because of this no competitive advantages described.


Project strong sides: the interesting idea of a loyalty program.

Project weak sides: business plan, market research, and strategy not presented; team if not full.

So our position is negative, probably scam.