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Analysis of ICO MedicoHealth



Medicohealth is a platform for fully anonymous, safe and efficient telemedicine communication between patient and world leading physicians with blockchain-powered payments system based on MHP token.

Founder believes in good future of telemedicine, but in real life, according opinion of our experts, it has a very specific usage – only medical consulting, i.e. advising of leading physicians and medical scientists – i.e. specific market.

Business Plan

No business plan is presented just target of ICO (USD 23.5 million). There is no whitepaper, with start of product in 2015, EUR 500,000.00 own funds are invested.

The Vision of the Market

Lightpaper contains market volume data of global healthcare (divided by main countries) and a telemedicine market review, but there are no advantages presented of using blockchain technology in telemedicine, and partially of presented product advantages. Also, there is no comparing with existing telemedicine companies, and no estimation of their impact of product sales plans.

Marketing Strategy

Not described.


Team looks full and professional but there are many persons which, on our opinion, are not required on start-up period (like Chief Visionary Officer). All Linkedin profiles looks real and live.

Advisors team consists of medical and healthcare persons, but there are no proofs of their real participation in the project.

Understanding of the Target Audience

No information in LP was presented. According to the market data, telemedicine industry is growing and in 2016 there was 81 million virtual doctor visits in North America.

Competitive Advantage

No information in LP was presented. Competitors of product are existing telemedicine companies like Amwell and our experts didn’t see any special competitive advantages of this product before them. So, for startup project it's very hard to compete with, for example, Doctor on Demand which reports 1400 physicians.


Project strong side is growing market of telemedicine.

Project weak sides: no business plan calculated; no market research, including analysis of strong competitors on this market.