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Analysis of ICO MDL Talent Hub



MDL means My Daily Life. This means blockchain-powered database for talented people with these tools for fast and secure usage:

  • Profile and portfolio of participant
  • Search engine
  • Calendar – as an instrument for time management, linked to one database with tracing and confirmations of any changes
  • Booking system – which is become simple in secured blockchain-powered database
  • Comp card creator
  • Application downloader – combines database submitted materials in pdf for customer’s use.

One of the main parts of the MDL will be reputation system based on business trustworthiness (i.e. agreements signed in the system), popularity (number of followers, likes, shares etc.) and person’s platform activity.

Release on the Chinese market is planned in Dec 2018; MVP will be released in Jun 2018 – just after 2nd stage of ITO.

Business Plan

WP contains no detailed business plan – only description of income sources (partnership with brands, marketplace commissions, and insurance system) without details or calculations. Also, WP contains information about the hard cap (total USD 2.5 million for pre-ITO and all 3 stages of ITO) and funds received distribution (45% on platform development, and 45% on marketing and partner engagement).

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy was very approximately described. As an initial market, founders selected Shanghai city, further they are planning to distribute their product in China. There are no words about strong crypto-currency regulations in China which probably can make this initial point very hard.


The team is well balanced in all main axis: management, IT, the blockchain, finance, and marketing. Detail analysis of LinkedIn profiles of founders shows:

  • Companies in which CFO describes himself as a founder has no footprints on the internet and probably are no successful
  • Work experience of CEO in each company (including positions marked in WP) is only a few months in each company; no experience in the business foundation was found.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains a very brief talent market description and estimation of only a global market; no estimations of the initial market or local markets were presented. WP contains the description of market problems and ways for solving them.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the product consists of artistic people (singers, dancers, models etc) as users and talent agencies as customers. No researches or estimations were presented, so this understanding isn’t very clear.

Competitive Advantage

WP describes that there are no competitors to the product. All large talent agencies have their own databases with the reputation system, history of transactions etc. But the advantage of the project over them is a unified database with the trusted reputation system.


Project strong sides: realistic idea, understanding of the market issues and ways to solve them.

Project weak sides: absence of the business plan and detailed marketing research; the team without proved achievements.

So our position is neutral.