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Analysis of ICO MaxData



MaxData is a platform where consumers and service providers interact directly. Using blockchain technology consumers provide information anonymously. Service providers use this to structure their businesses more efficiently, reducing their marketing and overhead costs by targeting customers who receive tokens and cost saving offers that brings them value.

MaxData wants to create new methodology for conducting online goods and services purchasing.

Companies benefit from:

  • Direct access to consumers
  • Reduced marketing costs as middlemen are no longer needed
  • Ability to send targeted offers to consumers
  • Business intelligence giving a clear picture of current market.

Consumers benefit from:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Best deals in the market
  • Receiving tokens for anonymous data sharing
  • Eliminating spam from irrelevant offers.

Business Plan

MaxData provides an open source platform for customers and service providers to interact, request goods and services, negotiate and conduct transactions, close agreements and transfer tokens. Business model is based on charging fees for the following:

  • Sending offers: whenever service provider intend to send offers to users, they need to give tokens to consumers and to MaxData
  • Using premium services
  • For third party developers to use MaxData open source platform.

MXD token enables all primary activities and transactions on the platform. The alpha release of the platform (and consumer app) will happen upon reaching the soft cap.

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have marketing plan. It is said that 37% of proceeds will be used on marketing. The team is very active on social media platforms, numbers of followers are solid (almost 44k followers on Telegram, for example). There is also a bounty campaign.


The team is very solid, most of members have 10+ years of professional experience in investment management, cryptocurrency and blockchain, marketing, online payments, IT (including a former Microsoft technical leader), CRM and design. The advisors complete the team with an expertise in gamification, banking, telecommunication, web design (a business developer at and bitcoin.

The Vision of the Market

The WP offers rather brief market research and competitor analysis. The project addresses shortcoming of big data industry monetization. The problem is seen from consumer and service provider points of views. Customer’s perspective: consumers need to pay the costs created by the collection of their own data, while their dependence on such data-collection platforms continues to be nurtured by the data corporation. Service provider’s perspective: challenge of targeting the right customers at the right time and identifying the most relevant offer to send to the customer.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Even though the market research is rather brief, it is clear that the team identified problems of the industry and its participants. The platform addresses these real-life problems and offers solutions for both customers and service providers.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive analysis is presented in two perspectives: from consumers and service providers points of views. Competitive advantages from consumer POV include: finding best offers, controlling the data, eliminating spam, receiving tokens from other. Competitive advantages from service providers POV include: overview of the market, target only relevant users, offers with high conversion rate.


Strengths: the team with solid experience and diverse backgrounds; detailed description of the project architecture and technology.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan; market research is rather short.