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Analysis of ICO Luckchemy



Luckchemy is a gambling platform with a wide range of games created by its developers and in collaboration with partners. There are available MVP – product’s website with lottery and scratch cards games available. Founders were announced bingo, online casino, online poker, slots, sport betting and live dealer. So, this is a typical set of online casino games but because of blockchain usage there is a proven fair play – because of code sources are open; server part and client part are generating numbers independently.

For attracting the gaming operators there is White Label partnership – program of sharing profits with white-labeled operators via smart contracts.

According the WP, there are no registered company yet. Full release will be performed at Q3 2018.

Business Plan

WP contains only token distribution (70% of tokens will be sold) and usage of funds received via ICO (40% of them will be used on initial lottery fund and 30% on marketing). No detailed plans were presented in WP, but online gaming industry have high profit rates, so with an acceptable number of customers it will be profitable.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy described well in WP, it will base on internet advertising, referral and loyalty programs. Also, the white-label program will help to collaborate with existing online casinos.


Team is professional, well-balances and looks like it can make this product real. All team members and advisors have proved LinkedIn profiles. But there is one suspicious point – operational company was not registered yet.

The Vision of the Market

No special marketing researches were presented, which is strange for a market with so many competitors – online casinos and other gambling services.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of the project is all gambling community. No information about its volume, segmentation or gamblers’ preferences.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages of this project are:

  • Proven fairness in mechanics
  • White label partnership with online casinos.

But there were no information about competitors.


Project strong sides: fairness in mechanics; partnership program.

Project weak sides: typical set of declared games; no deep marketing research and competitors’ analysis.

So our position is negative.