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Analysis of ICO LightStreams



LightStreams is a blockchain platform that supports distributed applications that need particularly high speed anddata privacy. LightStreams is a modification of the Ethereum Protocol and is compatible with the application development tools provided by the Ethereum platform.

The founders of the project say that the blockchain technology is faced with such problems as the management of data and their privacy. LightStreams offers a solution to this problem: unlimited storage space, reduce storage costs, fast transaction speed, privacy and data management.

The Dapps development platform has long been nothing new in the world of blockchain projects and technologies. This niche is actively developing, it cannot be called settled and crowded. However, LightStreams must actively fight for its market share and prove its superiority over competitors.

Business plan

Hard cap of the project is 20 million dollars.

The LightStreams prototype was developed in may 2017. The road map doesnt contain details. The development of the project will take place until the end of 2018.

Tokens of the project (PHOTON tokens) will be used for the following purposes:

  • Transactions within the network
  • Purchase content
  • Network management.

The revenue model of the platform is not described. The LightStreams platform is likely to earn on commissions.

The business plan clearly needs to be detailed and further refined.

Marketing Strategy

The LightStreams project doesn't have a marketing strategy and it's very sad. Projects focused mainly on the B2B segment should develop a marketing strategy very carefully. ICO is clearly not enough to promote the finished product. There are doubts whether the founders of the project are going to do something after the ICO.


The project team consists of 6 people experienced in software blockchain and engineering, blockchain development, digital design, digital marketing. The project team has skills mainly in IT-engineering and programming, which is quite relevant to the project. But there are only 6 people in the team, this may not be enough for the effective project implementation.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project are focused on the rapidly emerging market of decentralized applications. They assume an exponential growth of the Dapps market that will be interested in using the LightStreams network. The White Paper provides an overview of several the most popular platforms for developing applications (EOS, Ethereum etc).

It is likely that the founders of the project assess the trend correctly. But they should have made a more detailed analysis of the emerging Dapps market and give some figures at least.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The project is aimed at developers and companies developing Dapps for various industries (social networks, content publishing, decentralized elections, data exchange, etc.). There is a common understanding of the target audience, but no details.

Competitive Advantage

The LightStreams project uses Permissioned Blocks technology, which gives Dapps developers the following benefits:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Reduced data storage costs
  • High transaction speed
  • Data management and protection.

Competitive advantages are formulated quite clearly. After the launch of the project, it will be possible to judge how they are embodied in reality.


The LightStreams project has the following advantages:

  • The product is in demand in the Dapps emerging market
  • LightStreams competitive advantages are clearly highlighted.

Disadvantages of the project are as follows:

  • There is no detailed analysis of the market
  • Complete lack of marketing strategy
  • Small team.