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Analysis of ICO Kasko2go



Kasko2go is a smartphone-based insurance solution, that offers an individual approach to every client through the analysis of different criteria: driver’s behavior, accident rate, weather conditions etc. There is no payment for the period when the car is not used. The insurance coverage is per minute, kilometer or day. It has an easy and quick subscription process. The app is free and no additional equipment is needed. The product has the following features:

  • Fraud detection and related participation: the platform will use the fingerprint concept developed by Click-Ins Ltd company
  • Photo-based repair cost assessment system
  • Repair contractors marketplace.

Kasko2go app is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Business Plan

Kasko2go token (K2G) will be used for each drive conducted via the platform by users and third-party business partners. Tokenizing property will allow the company to uniquely identify insurance assets and transform the information to other types of businesses via a digital record. The insurance of cars will be done solely in K2G tokens, meaning that the client will have to purchase tokens. All fees coming from insurance companies and other partners will have to be paid in K2G as well.

The short-term vision is to globally launch the platform by the end of 2018. The team plans to acquire 0.5 mln clients through the ecosystem and to reach 250M Euros turnover by 2022.

The long-term vision for the project is in development of an open ecosystem which will facilitate a new way of providing insurance services. This will be achieved by developing marketplaces at every step of value creation, like marketing, reinsurance, service payout, loyalty programs etc.  

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP. The team is active on social media platforms and numbers of followers are solid. Team members participate in relevant events across the globe (the calendar could be found on the website). The airdrop campaign is currently going on.


The company started with the development of cartographic databases. The software was bought by Google LLC on the spot. Therefore, team members have vast experience in the industry. They are professionals on entrepreneurship and companies launching, insurance, strategic planning, software development, risk management, finance and engineering. Advisors add expertise in investment management, sale and communication, finance and strategy.

The Vision of the Market

The market research is detailed and is supported by stats and graphs. The WP covers not only an insurance industry, but also has an overview of telematics market which demonstrates an exponential growth. There is also an extensive review of premium insurance programs and how their costs are calculated. The previous experience of team members within given industries makes their vision and understanding of market potential and limitations clear and precise.  

Understanding of the Target Audience

Thorough market research resulted in detailed overview of target audience. The segmentation is the following: customers, insurance companies and service providers (this includes not only cars, but all other meanings of transportation). The needs and issues of all target groups are listed and solutions offered.  

Competitive Advantage

The competitive analysis includes comparison between 6 direct competitors of kasko2go. Main features which distinguishes the platform from others are dynamic evaluation of driving conditions, accident risk map and fraud detection.  


Strengths: an app is available for downloading in AppSore and GooglePlay. The company is a member of Crypto Valley. Team members have been developing insurance solutions since 2011, an overall experience in smart insurance business is 25 years. Signed partnerships with TomTom, AutoBooking, Audina, Glonass and others.

Weaknesses: no token sale date; no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan. There is no information on distribution of funds raised. Team needs an expert in blockchain. Competitor analysis needs to be more detailed.