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Analysis of ICO Inpactor



Inpactor is a one-stop online platform that caters to all stakeholders and needs for social impact projects within CSR. It’s the world’s first CSR platform which connects brands, causes and volunteers, allowing them to create and implement humanitarian projects, and also to earn incentives for their effort and performance. Inpactor is a product of Incitement, the next-generation social business founded in 2011. Inpactor uses Incitement’s business model in digital form, it’s free and accessible to everyone. The platform is currently under development and is scheduled to launch mid-June, 2018. There are numerous features, among which vetting of projects, project creation and management, volunteer recruitment, branding and grants.

Business Plan

There are two main revenue streams: on-platform advertising and premium subscriptions. Inpactor has two types of tokens: CSRi and CSRm. CSRi is created when funds are received from brands in fiat, and it is destroyed when returned to the platform in exchange for fiat. The sole purpose of this token is to facilitate transparency, reliability and accuracy in the ecosystem. CSRm is a “work” token which allows for the creation of a governance system, ROI measurements of CSR activities, added platform benefits and features for token holders. This token is tradable. The company plans to launch its own blockchain in Q1 2020. It will have similar features as CSRm, but will be self-sustainable and allow more advanced options like staking pools and the DGF (Distributed Governance Framework).  

Marketing Strategy

The Inpactor utilizes Incitement’s social media platforms, which have relatively low numbers of followers. There is no marketing plan in the WP, but it is stated that 30% of proceeds will be reserved for business development. This includes marketing, branding, advertising, partnerships, social media and outreach towards potential users of the platform.

Inpactor will also benefits from Incitements customers’ portfolio which includes the likes of Pepsico, L’Oreal, FedEx, Nestle and others. There are also communities of Incitement ambassadors around the world and events, organized by the company.


Co-founders of Inpactor has experience in entrepreneurship, humanitarian work and programming. There are also members with marketing, legal, tech and blockchain backgrounds.  Advisory board includes experts in CSR, corporate governance, marketing, security, finance and investment management, NGOs and humanitarian work.

The Vision of the Market

The project targets CSR market and all its stakeholders. The market research is conducted in the following way: stats and an overview are firstly presented, followed by descriptions of real-life problems of each stakeholder and industry in whole. For example, brands are facing problems with mismanagement of funds, returns on projects, lack of CSR initiatives marketing etc. Volunteers have to cope with poor management, lack of information and communication, lack of flexibility on volunteering requirements. Industry has issues with transparency, reliability and measuring the ROI on CSR among other things.       

Understanding of the Target Audience

An extensive market research resulted in detailed presentation of CSR stakeholders, who are target audience of Inpactor platform: brands (businesses), causes (projects and humanitarian organizations), volunteers; there are also government agencies and other beneficiaries.

Competitive Advantage

The current industry does not provide a “one-stop shop” for humanitarian work. There are players who aim to solve issues of one stakeholder or address one problem of the industry. The main competitor advantage of Inpactor is in its attempt to address the system as a whole and to cover the needs of all stakeholders involved.


Strengths: Inpactor will benefit from Incitement’s current network of 4,500 brands, 6,000 causes and 39,000 volunteers - this networking database will be available to Inpactor upon its launch. Very strong team, which includes international ambassadors and communities. Deep knowledge of CSR market and humanitarian sector. The platform will be ready to launch in June 2018.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis; no own social media channels (the project utilizes the ones of Incitement).