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Analysis of ICO Innovative Minerals



INNOVATIVE MINERALS is a project of gold mining with the introduction of new technologies based on blockchain. The company is engaged in gold mining in the territory of the Russian Federation and already has 3 licenses for gold mining.

Blockchain is needed to improve production control and minimize losses. The project has its own resource base and guaranteed sales market both in Russia and abroad.

INNOVATIVE MINERALS is directly related to the real economy. Perhaps, someone will confuse that the project is not typical for the sphere of blockchain technologies. Everyone is used to applications and platforms created on the basis of blockchain. But the synergy of traditional business and blockchain technologies can provide an optimum effect. You can mine cryptocurrencies in anticipation of super profits or default. And the project INNOVATIVE MINERALS gives you the opportunity to invest in traditional mining of gold. And this is a huge advantage of the project against the background of many ICO selling only ideas.

Business plan

INNOVATIVE MINERALS company has been existing since 2016 as a holding company and already has 3 licenses for gold-bearing areas. The monthly turnover of the business is $ 750,000. The maximum goal of fund raising is 2 000 000 dollars, the minimum goal is $ 500,000. The development of the project planned up to 1th quarter of 2019.

The financial plan for 2019 is $ 40 000 000.

Tokens are planned to be distributed in accordance with the volume of explored gold reserves. The funds raised during pre-ICO and ICO will be spent on obtaining new licenses, hiring of staff, purchase of high-tech equipment.

The business plan is clear, understandable and quite relevant to this kind of project.


The project team consists of 7 people with experience in financial services, development, programming, blockchain investment. This versatile experience of the team will help to introduce blockchain technology into the gold mining process.

The Vision of the Market

The description of the project provides data on the market. Thus, Russia is in third place among the largest gold-producing countries, the volume of gold production is 250 tons per year. At the same time, the average profitability of gold mining in Russia is more than 50% according to the EBITDA method. INNOVATIVE MINERALS plans to produce 7 tons of gold per year.

As for the sales market, it is primarily Southeast Asia, as well as Switzerland and Britain.

We can say that the founders of the project perfectly understand the market on which they are already working.