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Analysis of ICO Idea Jump



Idea Jump platform combines principles of crowdfunding, ICO and accelerators. The “creators” share their ideas on the platform for discussion and fundraising. Idea Jump project offers solutions to current shortcoming of ICO process and procedures. The main goal is to create a unified network, independable from locations and country-specific regulations.

Business Plan

The WP has detailed information on token sale (5 phases), bonuses and distribution of funds. There is also an extensive overview of an ICO market and its current problems. The WP presents solutions provided by Idea Jump to address the shortcomings listed. There are no financial and marketing plans and no competitive analysis. The roadmap is very detailed.

Marketing Strategy

The project has social media in different languages, but numbers of followers are very low; the team is relatively active on Russian language social media platforms while social accounts in English were updated in 2017. Last update of company’s blog was made in November 2017.


Team members have experience in real estate, business consulting, legal, IT sales and marketing. There is only one advisor listed and his Facebook page is not available.

The Vision of the Market

This is the strongest component of the project as market research and analysis are extensive and thorough. Still, there is not enough evidence to support the need of tokens (and of project itself).

Understanding of the Target Audience

There are two groups: authors of ideas/startups and participants who wish to provide support. No further segmentation is given.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP and on the website. There are numerous crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon are the most famous ones) and startup accelerators (AngelPad, Y Combinator, Alchemist and many others). There are also blockchain-based funding and accelerator platforms like RocketICO. Idea Jump WP states that the project welcomes competition and development of similar platforms. The main advantage of Idea Jump is that it addresses the complex of current problems with one product.


There is no clear explanation why this project needs tokens; the idea behind the project is also not clear-cut (the level of English of the WP is not good).

Strengths: working version of platform.

Weaknesses: no final version of the WP (it’s available as a Google document). WP claims that fifth and final ICO phase will be held in April 2018 - as of 06.04.2018 ICO is in its 1st stage according to the website. The FAQ section of the website is under development while Forum page is not working. There are no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis. There is only one advisor.