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Analysis of ICO Horizon Communications



Horizon Communications is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based on Bermudas and having ambitions to cover all Central and South America with wireless internet, HD TV and VoIP Telephone services. So, Horizon is planning an ICO for establishing a company startup in Bermudas, BVI and Caribbean (Q3-Q4 2018) with conquering 15% of market during 5 years. In 2020 founders are planning to start working on Central American markets with receiving 1% of market during 5 years.

So, the project looks realistic, having an existing and working equipment. Tokens will be used as a payment method, and it looks only one weak place all over the project because there is no need in using cryptocurrency – fiat payments are useful and more simple for customers.

Business Plan

WP contains detailed business plan with realistic sales plans, description of the equipment, its distribution and potential places for installing basic towers. 81% of tokens issued will be sold during ICO, and there is no information presented about funds raised usage.

Marketing Strategy

There were presented realistic strategy on receiving Bermudas and BVI market (15%) and scaling to other Caribbean and Central American countries during 5 years.


Team has a great experience in developing telecommunications projects, and there are existing marketing, management, finance, IT, telecommunications and blockchain members. All of them have realistic Linkedin profiles, so team looks able to make things happen.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains a good internet market analysis of initial market – Bermudas, and a brief information about Caribbean and Central America markets.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of the projects consists from all internet users, including tourists. WP contains interesting analysis of Bermudas market.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage over existing ISPs is blockchain technology usage, which allows fast and secured payments, and file storage place for all customers. According the WP, founders will offer prices less than existing ISPs.


Project strong sides: detailed analysis of initial market, well-calculated business plan, strong team.

Project weak sides: need in special token usage as service payment tool is totally unclear.

So our position is weak positive.