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Analysis of ICO HeliosCoin



HeliosCoin represent a system of autonomous mining clusters. This system includes the following components:

  • Solar energy - environment friendly energy for mining
  • Highly efficient batteries
  • Immersion cooling
  • Intelligent currency framework - a software that analyses  the market in real time and switches mining modes between cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralization - power units are not tied to power supplies, therefore they could be placed anywhere in the world
  • Unique legal conditions - the system doesn’t depend on electricity, therefore it can’t be disconnected from internet.

Worldwide distribution of clusters is expected to start in December 2018.

Business Plan

The Helios Mining Ltd business model has two parts: personal operations (PO) and third-party operations (TPO). POs include such activities as investment, ownership and operation of autonomous mining clusters. Token holders has 100% of their own revenue. TPOs are happening when independent companies purchase clusters managed by Helios Mining Ltd. In this case, Helios Mining receives a share of the rewards generated during mining; 20% of proceeds will be distributed among token holders. Revenue from both PO and TPO consists of total remuneration amount less the cost of solar panels operation.     

The goal is to outperform competitors by introducing new ways of fully automated mining and by improving efficiency of equipment by at least 35%. The clusters would be used as independent and self-sufficient units for stable income in place with tropical and subtropical climate. The profits are determined by rewards less depreciation.     

HLC tokens allow to receive dividends from mining operations. Dividends are calculated on the basis of net profit and don’t depend on P&L of Helios Mining Ltd. Tokens also give right to vote and provide veto power to token holders. Voting will be based on smart contract. 91% of funds raised will go directly to cluster expansion and electrical capacity increase; 9% will be allocated to R&D and administrative costs.                   

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP.  Social media accounts were launched in April 2018 and are gaining followers, especially on Telegram and Bitcointalk. There is a bounty campaign going on.  


Team members have experience in entrepreneurship, business development, marketing and PR, tech. Advisors add expertise in cyber security, engineering, ICO consulting, crypto investing and blockchain technology.

The Vision of the Market

HeliosCoin project’ goal is to provide the most efficient energy usage for mining. The project targets energy industry - namely solar power, IT sector - with the focus on digital consumption and cryptocurrency market. The WP provides rather detailed overviews of all markets mentioned and identifies real-life issues and limitations which HeliosCoin addresses.  

Understanding of the Target Audience

There is no target audience segmentation in the WP. Judging from markets targeted by the project, an interested parties could be crypto miners, developers (software and hardware), crypto investors, solar power companies - to name just a few.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP.

Helios Mining Ltd has developed fully automated and autonomous mining clusters in sea shipping. These clusters are certified in accordance with the Convention on safe containers. The company listed following advantages:

  • Lowest electricity price on the market
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Scalability
  • International reduction risk
  • Intellectual power grid support.


Strengths: detailed financial plan. The website states that there is a functional MVP - a complex of working hardware. Advisors have very solid backgrounds.

Weaknesses: there are no marketing plan, competitor analysis and target audience segmentation. Team members profiles should be included to the WP; there are no financial professionals. The framework of HeliosCoin project is very complex and may be difficult to implement, an additional resources and funds may be required.