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Analysis of ICO Greeneum Network



Greeneum is creating the network to encourage the production, distribution and consumption of green, renewable, sustainable energy, including solar, wind, hydro and thermal. The Greeneum network measures, verifies and incentivizes efficient and eco-friendly behavior throughout the entire supply chain. The network is created to leverage targeted AI, blockchain, IoT and smart contracts. The goal is to create a decentralized and sustainable energy market that enables smart monetization for real time P2P energy and data transactions.

The platform consists of three parallel and connected systems:

  • Greeneum Global Data system
  • Greeneum Energy Trading system
  • Greeneum Global Monetization system.

Business Plan

Greeneum plans to launch the platform followed by ICO process. Contributors can purchase Greeneum tokens and support the development and deployment of the platform. The utility token is a tool to incentivize the energy ecosystem towards a more efficient, profitable and green behavior. The P2P trading system will run on global public blockchain and will provide an opportunity for energy trading within and between electrical grids.

Revenue models:

  • Premium services for solar and green producers
  • Commission from the Green marketplace
  • Smart contract services
  • Advertisements
  • SaaS for Grid operators and utilities.

Greeneum plans to launch in developing countries first, where they already have partners and advisors.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is not presented in the WP. The team’s activity in social media is low and number of followers is small.


Team members have professional experience in renewable energy, engineering, biotech, data science, IoT, blockchain, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. Advisors add expertise in solar energy industry, business development, blockchain and smart contracts technology.

The Vision of the Market

There are two main documents about the project: white paper and green paper. Both of them have detailed market overview, market scope, market trends and current shortcomings. Therefore, market research is of high level. The project addresses the following real-life problems:

  • The increase in demand for alternative energy
  • Climate change and the state of carbon market
  • Current needs of the renewable energy market
  • Lack of data availability
  • Lack of technological solutions and tools.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented in the following way: energy producers, energy consumers, governments/NGOs.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP. The market of renewable energy is rather saturated and there are projects which use advanced technology to make consumption greener, for example ImpactPPA, PowerLedger and LO3 Energy to name the few.


Strengths: strong team; extensive knowledge of green energy market. Detailed representation of use of contributions/funds. Two successful pilots in Israel and Cyprus.

Weaknesses: no financial projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis.