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Analysis of ICO GIF by SOCIFI



Socifi is a blockchain-powered marketplace for sponsored data and other products/services. It consists of two parts:

  • An online marketplace - enables advertisers (sponsors) to connect with publishers (Mobile Network Operators or other players)
  • An engagement solution (SES) - an SDK for Android. SES is focused on slick user experience and interface to make a communication closer to social network rather than to traditional digital advertising. This allows to deliver more sponsored messages in one session. Which in turn leads to more attractive prices compared to Google and Facebook. SES also has a reward system based on gamification effect. This encourages subscribers to interact and to build stronger relationships with sponsors.

SES Playbook is available on Socifi website, SES Android APK tech demo could be installed on an Android device.  

Business Plan

The business model is based on the amount of data Socofi is able to buy in advance with discounted price due to a bulk order. The more data is bought, the more discount is possible. This leads to better deals for sponsors and end-users. The team selected several countries to cooperate with local Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), media agencies, brands and partners. Socifi WiFi solution is already available in 67+ countries, so there is a vast experience of working with local players.

Platform subscribers earn internal tokens (GIF) when they’re engaging with sponsored content. Tokens are then used to buy sponsored data and other sponsored products/services and to purchase media space. GIF tokens will be the primary currency on the SES Marketplace.

A major part of the funds gained during ICO - 49% -  will be invested into pre-buying of mobile data to create a difference between actual mobile data market price and the Socifi mobile data price per individual market.

Blockchain technology will help to lower operational costs, increase transactions speed, streamline relationships between advertisers/network providers/subscribes and create a transparent marketplace.

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP. Marketing activities will get 8% of funds raised. These funds will be used to attract new advertisers/sponsors, media agencies, content creators and local ambassadors. The team is very active on social media and numbers of followers are high. Telegram has 14K members, Twitter - 16K followers, Bitcointalk - 50+ pages (launched in January 2018). Airdrop and bounty campaigns are currently on. The company behind Socifi is known WiFi provider with users in 67+ countries.  


The team has lots of members. Their professional experiences are varied: entrepreneurship, design, marketing, business development and consulting, digital media, legal, crypto market. There is a separate team of developers. 10 international advisors provide expertise in finance, investing, blockchain, marketing, mobile, strategic management and startups consulting. Advisors have experience in establishing successful companies in different geo regions (MEA, for example).  

The Vision of the Market

The project targets mobile data market and digital marketing industry. The WP presents an overview of both sectors in terms of spending and demand. The company successfully operates in mobile data industry from 2014, so there is a clear vision of trends and current real-life issues.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of Socifi is segmented in two general groups: advertisers/sponsors and users/consumers. Further segmentation is based on geolocation: selected countries for first round of product release. Android devices owners are of prime interest for the project (iOS version will be available, but on later stages).     

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP aside from very brief mention of two direct competitors. Main competitive advantages of Socifi are: focusing on subscribers engagement on a daily basis, an open marketplace where an approved advertiser/sponsor can target the audience, successful operating experience in the industry from 2014.


Strengths: Established company, operating since 2014 in 67+ countries. Lots of signed partnerships, including the one with Cisco. Very detailed roadmap. Solid team with very strong board of advisors. Selected brands already on the marketplace: Microsoft, Uber, Coca Cola, Pepsi, KFC.

Weaknesses: no FAQs section on the website. There are no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis.