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Analysis of ICO GamerToken



GamerToken Platform is designed for gamers, publishers and developers. The platform is intended for trading unique game items. In addition, the platform allows you to develop non-fungible game items. Users can also participate in the development of new game items.

Game items tokenization  increases the gaming community, gives it new opportunities.

The GamerToken ecosystem should become universal for players, developers, and publishers, and can be connected through universal API keys.

The product is very specific and focused on a narrow niche of gamers.

Business plan

Demo version of the product has already been created. Further development is planned until the end of 2018. There is no maximum or minimum fund-raising goal.

GamerTokens can be used to trade in game items, to reward gamers for actively using game items.

Revenue model of the platform is not described. Probably GamerToken will earn on transaction fees.

The business plan of the project looks very raw.

Marketing Strategy

One of the elements of marketing strategy is partnership with Gamigo Group, a leading game publisher based in Europe, as well as partnership with other similar companies and developers. But there is no holistic vision of the marketing strategy.


The team consists of 17 people experienced in game industry, marketing, technology infrastructure, web development, software development, fintech & it-engineering, web design & graphic design. It is interesting that the team has 3 specialists in the field of marketing, but the project doesn't have a marketing strategy and a full vision of the target audience. The team claims to have over 50 years of experience in the gaming industry. Very strange statement.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project give an overview of the data on the gaming industry, pay special attention to the role of game items and their value. According to them, the developers can encourage gamers for their active behaviour and use of in-game items.

The founders of the project have a general idea of the market, but they lack a detailed analysis of the market and competitors.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience consists of three groups:

  • Developers
  • Players
  • Publishers.

However, the founders of the project don't examine their target audience in detail.

Competitive Advantage

According to the founders of the project, the product has the following advantages:

  • Game developers will be able to connect to the global gaming ecosystem through API keys
  • Players will be able to easily transfer their game items between games, and can also participate in the creation of content. At the same time, the cost of purchasing game items is lower
  • Publishers will be able to control the rarity of game items and maintain their value in the eyes of gamers and gain access to an ecosystem of high spending gamers. Blockchain will ensure the security of digital gaming assets.

But since no competition research has been conducted, it is difficult to judge the competitiveness of a product.


The advantages of the GamerToken project are as follows:

  • Narrow market niche of the product
  • Developed a demo version of the product.

The project has the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of marketing strategy
  • There is no target audience analysis
  • Awkward business plan.