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Analysis of ICO FundPlatform



Fund Platform is a social platform for digital funds with a mission to connect ideas and opportunities. An ecosystem gives everyone an opportunity to implement their ideas in the easiest way. Any user can create his own decentralized digital fund for any task in a few moments and get access to tools and capital to reach his goals. The platform provides a convenient and safe communication between investors, sponsors, benefactors and funds. Users can access funds’ ratings, built-in analytics, personal risk managers services etc. An ecosystem includes Builder (for experienced fund managers), Reserve Fund, Funds Certification, Marketplace, Exchange and other components.

Business Plan

All users are divided into 4 categories: investors, fund managers, fund admins, fund traders. Based on the objectives of creating funds, their main types on the platform are defined as:

  • Crypto funds (investment hedge funds, venture funds etc). Funds of tokenization of assets and values
  • Crowdfunding (including ICO/ITO/TGE)
  • Pension
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Charity.

The platform targets international markets. The low cost of creating a fund will allow a wide range of users to become part of an ecosystem. The company plans to achieve self-efficiency in 5 months after the launch of the platform’s beta version (Q4 2018). There are several revenue streams: fee for fund creation and structuring, fee for integration with banks/exchanges/brokers, fee for promotion, service of fund certification, partnership programs etc.

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have an information on marketing plan. The team is very active on all social media platform, but numbers of followers are low (the project started in Q1-Q2 2017).


Team members have experience in IT, marketing, development, PR, investment and business development. Advisors add needed expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance and law.

The Vision of the Market

The research of digital economy and crypto funds markets is detailed and completed by stats and graphs. The trends are given to support an idea behind the project. The real-life problems of the industry are identified. The WP lists benefits of the platform, but competitor analysis is missing.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The platform is created for managers who want to open their own cryptofund and for investors who want to make secure and quick investment into cryptofund.

The platform targets international markets.

Competitive Advantage

The WP doesn’t provide competitor analysis. It is said on the website that main advantage of the Fund Platform is usage of NEM* which allows creation of unlimited number of tokens without separate smart contracts (FUND token is made on NEM also). This function allows a huge variety of products and strategies for investors. The entry barrier is very low.

*NEM (New Economy Movement): one of the fastest blockchains with lowest commission rates.


Strengths: an MVP, successful pre-ICO in December 2017, collaboration with founders/developers/community of NEM.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan; audience targeting needs further segmentation.