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Analysis of ICO FLUX Token Sale



FLUX - platform for gamers, game items traders, streamers, and game investors and developers with mechanics described below:

  • FLUX Matchmaking platform - allows players earning opponent’s money after winning a game. Platform will receive from 1% to 7% fee from each bet, part of it will be paid to game developer
  • FLUX Trading platform - helps game items traders in searching clients
  • Crowdfunding platform - helps developers in receiving investments.

FLUX will be a marketplace for developers (easy registration and uploading games; revenue from successful games) and for streamers (rewards for popular channels, target audience).

Now platform is on closed beta test. MVP was developed in July 2017. Release will start at Q3 2018.

Business Plan

No clear business plan presented.

Soft cap USD 1,5 m is reached, hard cap not found in documents; according website diagram it is USD 4,6 m.

Funds will be disturbed according this:

  • 22% Development of platform
  • 22% Competitions
  • 45% Marketing
  • 2% Law consulting
  • 3% Team
  • 6% Operational costs.

Marketing Strategy

FLUX will use a referral system with rewards for each attracted player and with limit of 10 levels. No more information about the marketing.


Team has members from game development, marketing & sales, management consulting, blockchain enthusiasts, law & consulting and looks very professional and possible to make the product successful.

The Vision of the Market

Whitepaper contains a gaming market overview (separately gaming industry data like number of active players, total yearly revenue of game developers, data related to streamers and game items traders), but there are no estimation of market volume which can be closed by product, and no partial competitors (like existing game selling system and game items marketplaces) analysis and impact.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Whitepaper contains common information about game market like total volume (like USD 105 bln year revenue and 2,3 bln active players), but completely no information about forecasted market section on 1, 2, 3 etc year.

Target audience of this product is, on our opinion, all gaming community.

Competitive Advantage

  • Matchmaking in casual games
  • Marketplace for developers, streamers, game item traders
  • Unite ecosystem for each member of gaming community.


Project strong sides: interesting idea of unite ecosystem for all members of gaming community; strong team with brilliant experience.

Project weak sides: no business plan calculated; no marketing strategy; no market analysis prepared.