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Analysis of ICO Fabric Token



The Fabric Token (FT) ecosystem provides individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts via a bundle of user-friendly software. The products within the ecosystem are focused on helping people of any background to create and deploy their DApps, without specialized computer knowledge. These products are:

  • Fabric Token itself;
  • TokenGen: a simple web application for smart contract generation (for individuals);
  • DApp Workbench: application platform for incorporating smart contracts and blockchain into business process management (for businesses);
  • Fabric Store: a decentralized marketplace for extensions to the FT ecosystem (for 3rd party developers).

A live demo of TokenGen is available.

Business Plan

The White Paper has a thorough blockchain and smart contracts market research, supported by data, graphs and analysis.

There is also an extensive overview of competitive landscape. Financial plan/projects and marketing plan are missing. There are two revenue streams mentioned: a fee for getting the smart code generated by TokenGen and subscription-based payment model for DApp Workbench. It is noted that the development of the FT ecosystem will continue regardless of the outcome of the fundraiser. The roadmap is very well planned and has detailed milestones.

Marketing Strategy

It is stated in the White Paper that go to market strategy will be available after token launch. For the moment, the team is very active on social media and their following is solid. The project is also promoted via relevant mass media and ICO-specific resources.


There are 3 core team members, they have experience in software engineering, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

There are 6 advisors who add expertise in finance, business development and trading.

The Vision of the Market

The project is aimed at blockchain and smart contracts market. Both market research and competitor analysis are thorough, detailed and very deep. The team demonstrated very clear vision of the market, its opportunities, current limitations and risks.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience segmentation is the following: individuals, businesses and developers. In a broader scope, the aim of the project is to make blockchain and smart contract technologies easily accessible to individuals and businesses who don’t have technical background/specific knowledge.

Competitive Advantage

Despite the fact that the market is still developing, there are already several competitors to Fabric Token. The thorough analysis shows that FT ecosystem is more balanced and has clear objectives, focusing mainly on enterprise market segment.


Strengths: an extensive market research with data and stats from leading consulting companies. Live demo of one of the components (TokenGen). Blockchain technology and smart contracts market is still developing - there is lots of potential for companies.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan. The technical part of this project is ambitious and may require further funding. The team needs members with international backgrounds, legal and marketing experience.