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Analysis of ICO EVO



EVO is a decentralized platform for assessing personal skills and for personal development. It enables the creation of a digital portrait that could be applicable to many real-life situations. The team has two products within an ecosystem:

  • EVO.PRO - an education and recruitment platform for assessing and development of personal and professional skills (stage 1)
  • EVO.Life - human development for non-business activities, like leisure, sports, charity etc (stage 2, planned launch in 2019).

The team currently focuses on EVO.PRO.

Business Plan

The project is applying blockchain technology to reach the following: storing user data in a single decentralized register. Therefore, the user can create a multi-purpose CV (including professional and personal profiles) to use in career development, personal relationships and many other areas. Blockchain technology also secures data and makes verification process transparent, minimizing cases of manipulation and fraud. The openness of blockchain system will stimulate independent developers to create third-party applications.

An internal currency of EVO platform - E-talon is a utility token. E-talons will be used for internal settlements, discounts and loyalty programs.

Main source of revenue will be coming from selling platform services (headhunting, for example).   

Since there are two products within EVO ecosystem, there will be two rounds of public sale. First one in summer 2018, second one in Q2 2019.

The project is currently on a pre-sale stage.

Marketing Strategy

The WP lists the following ways to promote a project: SEO/CPA/SMM, bloggers, recruited ambassadors, partners’ databases of clients. Marketing budget is also present. EVO is positioned as a lifestyle and career tool. The website has an extensive international roadshow schedule. The team is very active on social media platforms, especially on Bitcointalk and Telegram (10+K members).   


Team members have experience in business management, sales, partner relationships, IT, marketing, business coaching and personal growth, blockchain development, legal. Advisors provide expertise in tech entrepreneurship, HR, investment and business consulting, ICO advising, financial consulting.  

The Vision of the Market

EVO project targets education, recruitment and labor markets. Technological advancements are moving at the fast pace and traditional approaches are not able to respond to rapid changes. Current issues of the targeted markets include:

  • Lack of communication between education and business
  • Weak adaptive level of educational system to emerging fields and requirements
  • Experience doesn’t always equals actual competencies and skills
  • Business has to compensate educational shortcomings
  • HR companies don’t have enough qualification to select adequate personnel (especially in IT and tech industries)
  • Headhunters are usually focused on employer and not on a prospective candidate and many others. EVO. PRO offers solutions to these real-life issues.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented into employers, job seekers and educational institutions. Third-party developers are also part of target audience. Further segmentation is based on age. There are two groups: 18-24 years old people looking for job and lacking experience/skills; 25-45 years old people with proved working experience and competencies.

There are also mid-sized companies that do not have their internal audit system/department.

The WP has an extensive overview of issues all groups are currently facing and identifies benefits provided by EVO.PRO.

Competitive Advantage

The WP offers a detailed competitor analysis. Main competitors are LinkedIn, Indeed, Prometric, BrainBench. There are other blockchain-based solutions on the market too like BitDegree and Aworker. It is noted that some of current competitors - like Prometric and BrainBench (both provide certification solutions) - will become partners in the future. EVO.PRO will be able to integrate them into the platform. The main advantage of EVO.PRO is in multi-functionality of its features and services.   


Strengths: a detailed competitor analysis. A project that addresses real-life issues of the market, which changes rapidly and needs new approaches. Very strong team and advisors who provide missing expertise.

Weaknesses: there is no financial plan; no FAQ section on the website. The WP’s English should be improved, some things are too confusing.