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Analysis of ICO Esprezzo



Esprezzo is a sandbox for making blockchain development easier. It will provide a collection of commercial and open source tools for developers and faster than existing solution because of sidechains usage, how it presented in whitepaper. It will be these components: Esprezzo Core (blockchain ledger and a fabric of sidechains), Esprezzo Wallet (token holding place) and Ecosystem (library of commercial and open source tools for developers).

Unfortunately, founders published only short 21-list document without any deep technical details.

There are no clear roadmap presented; according existing table, full launch of the product will be performed in Q2-Q4 2018, which looks like a scam sign.

Business Plan

Esprezzo will be work as freemium (free + premium paid services) business model without any details.

There will be sold on TGE only 23,5% of tokens; and 40% of tokens will be reserved for team and developers. Because there is no information about their blocking, so it may cause a fall in token price after TGE. Distribution like this is very suspicious and may be a scam sign.

Marketing Strategy

No information about marketing strategy were presented in WP or website.


Team looks well-balanced on all axis - management, IT, finance, marketing. Team founder has successful experience in start-ups - CampusTap.

The Vision of the Market

No market research or other details were presented in project documents.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the project are developers who work with decentralized applications. This is growing market, but founders present no information about their vision on it and its segmentation or initial part.

Competitive Advantage

According the WP, the Esprezzo solution can give developers faster and more simple then existing (because of number of libraries and tools in system) solution for creating decentralized blockchain applications. WP contains just a list of potential competitors without any details.


Project strong sides: potentially interesting product for developers; team with previous achievements.

Project weak sides: unclear conception without details presented; no business plan or marketing details disclosure in WP; suspicious token distribution; unclear roadmap without strong milestones.

So our position is negative, probably scam.