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Analysis of ICO Energy Premier



ICO dates:  16.05.2018 - 15.06.2018.

Energy Premier is a blockchain-powered electricity retail bidding platform with (according whitepaper) fees less than traditional energy distribution system; special conditions for crypto miners (because using then electricity between bidding sessions and lowering consumption peaks by this mechanism). I.e the product is just an automated electricity bidding system equipped with smart-meters on customer side, open access for suppliers to customers profiles and possibility to make a transactions on day-to-day basis. EPC tokens are internal currency for this ecosystem.

Product has its own website free for register as a supplier or a customer from wide range of countries, but there are no signs that this registration can make any movements in energy trade process. Also, there are no one word in WP about government regulation on energy market, on subsidies from government to some kinds of energy users etc – and energy market in EU (which is described as initial market for project) is very government-regulated.

Also, there is no conclusion how blockchain-powered bidding service will became cheaper and more useful than online bidding service based on fiat currencies.

Business Plan

The revenue of product will be service fees from access packages and taking an interest from each energy supply contract. Sales plan is very brief and contains calculation based on invading 33% of German energy market. This is very ambitious (especially for the first year of project) but completely no proofs of this possibility.

Marketing Strategy

Founder believes that energy (and possibly a gas) market is ready for completely new product (like this) and it will sell himself by own. But there are no proofs of this opinion.


Team contain mostly from former McKinsey consultants, IT and marketing professionals. But there are no energetic professionals or other industry-oriented persons, so the team (with correct Linkedin profiles and supported blockchain advisors) looks uncomplete.

The Vision of the Market

Founders make research of global energy market with selecting a trend of market liberalization in different countries. But there is no conclusion how the blockchain-powered product with special internal currency can be more interesting to market professionals than existing market tools ((including traditional bidding places on free market).

Understanding of the Target Audience

Theoretically, target audience or product consists from individual and corporate energy customers, and energy suppliers, and so founder believes. But there are no proofs that all they have a special interest to a crypto-currency tool.

Competitive Advantage

Founder believes that this product will reduce cost of energy to final customer because of fees less than traditional services (EUR 0,07 versus EUR 0,1 per MWH), but there are no calculations supporting this point of view.


Project strong sides: deep analysis of global energy market with selecting liberalization trends.

Project weak sides: unproved need in blockchain mechanism, completely no calculations of business model, no marketing strategy with very ambitious plans, no points about governmental market regulations with possibility to registration on portal as a customer/supplier not only from free market countries.