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Analysis of ICO Egretia



Egretia is blockchain platform for game development, game publishing, virtual goods trading, advertising and incubator for HTML5 game development teams. This project will solve these issues of HTML5 game development industry:

  • Secured payments solution
  • Storing users virtual assets
  • Protecting intellectual properties of developers
  • Monetization of internet traffic.

Founder and main partner, Egret Technology Ltd, is well-known mobile games developer with 4 investors backed, so their idea can be realistic.

Business Plan

No business plan presented, and it is very strange for project created in partnership with well-known game developer.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy presented in WP but probably it will be based on the partnership network of Egret Technology Ltd.


The team presented by IT managers and engineers; no marketing or finance positions seen. Advisors board looks more star then real: 4 persons, two from IT development (one of them was GM in Alibaba Taobao platform) and two blockchain enthusiasts. No finance or marketing persons there.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains the only target of attracting 200k developers and 1 billion HTML5 devices to the project.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The main target audience of the project is a community of game developers working in HTML5. WP contains target number of them but no calculation of them can be found there.

Competitive Advantage

The project will provide secured payments system, storing of users virtual assets (which is critical for game items traders), protecting the game development teams authors’ rights, and stimulation of new game dev teams.


Project strong sides: a strong partnership with well-known in industry company; an innovative idea based on existing product.

Project weak sides: no clear business plan and marketing strategy presented; the team has lacked in key positions.

So our position is weak positive.