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Analysis of ICO DREAM



DREAM is blockchain-based, AI-powered ecosystem, which helps entrepreneurs and projects to pull teams together, to validate ideas and to raise funding. DREAM is being built by the team behind blockchain startup The Moneo website, payment system and intellectual property became part of DREAM. The platform offers solutions to existing challenges facing by entrepreneurs and project creators. That’s the real-life value of the product. AI is at the core of this project as an evolving and constantly learning system. AI will be responsible for providing solutions to entrepreneurs and project creators. For example, AI learns from past projects to guide new ones and to assemble successful teams.

Business Plan

Business plan is very well presented in the White Paper. Review of the market and its existing limitations is based on relevant data and stats. Marketing and technical strategies are presented in details. Description of an ecosystem is supported by visual content and an illustration of customer journey. Financial strategy is well explained with financial plan, monetization (with several revenue streams), forecasts and evaluation of market opportunity. Token sale process is described and supported by graphs. The token will be used to pay for advisors, gigs, talent, premium features and partner services. The roadmap includes information on fund usage and milestones.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is build on driving the success. A fundamental part of the DREAM ecosystem will be the blockchain talent from Moneo who are behind numerous successful token sales and blockchain projects. Another important component - partnerships. An ecosystem will enable 3rd parties to integrate services and benefit from DREAM’s customer base while providing a promotion to the platform. The company is active on social media and has decent followings.


The core team comes from bringing all expertise in talent acquisition, finance, marketing and technology, including proved experience in blockchain solutions. The members of advisory board have diverse international backgrounds and add an expertise in AI, business strategy, fundraising and corporate advisory.

The Vision of the Market

The White Paper offers an extensive market research. There are two markets under the review: gig economy and entrepreneurs. Although it’s evident that the team is well aware of current state, challenges and trends of both markets, there is no sufficient competitor analysis. Traditional freelance platforms are mentioned, but without much details and comparisons with the DREAM.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The White Paper states that DREAM will follow the successful approach of Moneo by focusing on the blockchain niche. After the period of establishing, the company will replicate and expand the model into broader markets of startups and freelancers.

Therefore, there are three target groups: blockchain, startup and freelance. The document offers an indication of number of clients required to hit the transaction volumes. The challenges of all target groups are described and DREAM solutions are presented.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor listed in the White Paper. There is a vague mentioning of traditional freelance platforms and their limitations. The main competitive advantage of the DREAM is an ever learning and improving AI system which will eliminate inefficiencies of current platforms and projects.


Strengths: very experienced and well-balanced team which is a must for such technologically-advanced product. The project is building on existing and successful company - Moneo; the success-proven blockchain community of Moneo will be transferred to the DREAM.

Weaknesses: the future expansion to such saturated and competitive markets as startups and freelancers requires an extensive marketing plan and competitor analysis.