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Analysis of ICO DIW Token



The DIW project is a decentralized identification infrastructure which enables registered account holders - individuals or organizations - to securely create their online identification profile, that provides the capability to store, access and exchange sensitive encrypted data. DIW will also develop and supply its own Hardware Wallet to ensure maximum security to premium members. The DIW project has 5 development phases:

  • Secure Digital Vault (personal and sensitive data storage for DIW account holders)
  • Payment Gateway for Crypto and Fiat Currency (secure medium for website owners to accept payments in any major currency, fiat and crypto, using the DIW single login platform)
  • DIW Global Directory (a rating system for all DIW holders)
  • Paid Escrow (smart contract-based escrow service that will safeguard transactions between parties)
  • Healthcare.

Business Plan

DIW token will be utilized within the DIW ecosystem by: 1) paying holders to accommodate the network by utilizing their computing devices’ storage and processing power, 2) paying a smart contract based escrow service and 3) completing purchases directly between DIW holders or commerce stores, using as commodity either the DIW token or other crypto and/or fiat currency. The WP has an extensive financial plan with revenue projections and a detailed competitor analysis. Financial projections are given for all 5 phases of the project and an overall estimates. Competitor analysis is conducted in the same logic: 5 phases have different competing parties. The only thing missing from business plan is marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

The WP and website don’t mention marketing plan. The team is very active on all relevant social media platforms and numbers of followers are high (Telegram has 37k followers, for example). Team members are also very active in participating at relevant crypto and blockchain events around the globe. There are airdrop and bounty campaigns. There are signed partnerships with Ties.DB (database for crypto community), Ambisafe (Ethereum asset platform) and Smarter Contract.


Both DIW founders have extensive professional experience not only in entrepreneurship, but in ICO consulting. Other team members are specialists in blockchain, IT and tech, web design, legal, financial and business development. Advisors add expertise in blockchain and security, marketing, finance and crypto market.

The Vision of the Market

Market research and competitor analysis are extensive and detailed. The limitations of the market are identified and listed:

  • Advancing data breaches
  • Limited usage of cryptocurrency
  • Growing online fraud.
  • DIW platform offers solutions to real-life problems.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience is defined in a broad sense: consumers and products/services providers (mainly, e-commerce). No further segmentation is given.

Competitive Advantage

The competitor analysis is conducted in the following way: each of DIW project 5 phases has its own competitors. For example, Secure Digital Vault has 4 direct competitors: Ethos, SelfKey, Peer Mountain and Civic. The comparison table provides clear explanation of differences between projects. An overall advantages of the DIW system are:

  • Efficient, swift and cost-effective transaction processes
  • Complete freedom to transact via any form of currency
  • Single access to endless options
  • Access to support provided by a global community
  • Secure P2P protocol for the distribution of sensitive data
  • Ultimate security to the account holder via the utilization of a hardware wallet.


Strengths: Pre-ICO ended successfully; very detailed financial projections and representation of revenue streams; extensive competitor analysis; very thorough description of the project and an idea behind it; solid team.

Weaknesses: no marketing plan.