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Analysis of ICO CryptoBrokerage



CryptoBrokerage is a decentralized trading and brokerage platform that allows you to compare and analyze crypto currencies. CryptoBrokerage platform uses artificial intelligence technologies and natural language processing. The platform aggregates trading information from 64+ cryptocurrency exchanges. More than 200 cryptocurrencies will be available for trading on the platform. Users will be able to choose the best prices for cryptocurrencies.

The CryptoBrokerage platform will have to withstand tough competition with both ordinary cryptocurrency exchanges and similar aggregation platforms.

Business plan

CryptoBrokerage development will take place from July 2018 till January 2019.

Hard cap of the project is 15 000 000 dollars.

CRBK token is a utility token. Token holders will have access to discounts when making transactions within the platform.

The platform will earn on commissions from transactions, the size of which will be from 0.25 to 0.5% of the transaction amount. Sources of income of the platform there will be withdrawals fees, the fee for coin listing and margin fees.

The project team gives detailed data on the revenue of crypto-exchanges and forecast on the revenue of CryptoBrokerage.

The business plan looks quite clear.

Marketing Strategy

The White Paper casually mentions that the basis of the marketing strategy is the involvement of crypto community. 20% of the collected funds will be spent on marketing and sales.

But there is almost zero activity in social networks of CryptoBrokerage.


The project team consists of 7 people with experience in the banking and financial industry, information technology, data security, blockchain technology, development of artificial intelligence and natural logarithms, law. The experience of the team is described in detail; it looks quite solid and relevant to the project.

The Vision of the Market

As a review of the market, common data on cryptocurrencies and data on the volume of trade in crypto-currency exchanges are provided.  General problems of cryptocurrency exchanges are explored: the high cost of transactions, awkward interface, fake news, the lack of transparency, technical deficiencies, etc. The founders of the project conducted analysis of 10 trading platforms.

We can say that the founders of the project have a vision of the market.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the project is all categories of cryptocurrency users: both experienced crypto-investors and beginners.

Obviously, the project is also focused on Asian countries, as the support service will be provided in Chinese and Korean, and not only in English.

In general, the project team understands its target audience, but without deep analysis.

Competitive Advantage

CryptoBrokerage platform is positioned not as "another exchange or brokerage", but as an aggregator providing a unique opportunity and bring together information from several dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges.  CryptoBrokerage advantages are as follows:

  • Consolidation of information in real time
  • Providing information about the best available prices
  • The use of artificial intelligence technology that helps users navigate the trading information.

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is the ability to compare prices and choose the best offers. It is the aggregation function that distinguishes the platform from ordinary crypto-exchanges. But we assume that there are other platforms with similar functionality.


The CryptoBrokerage project has the following advantages:

  • Clear business plan
  • Good vision of the market
  • Experienced team.

Disadvantages of the project are the following:

  • The idea of the product is not original, the market niche is full
  • Marketing strategy is almost missed.