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Analysis of ICO CoTrader



CoTrader is the product which enables users to invest in and manage blockchain-powered investing funds (also known as Smart Funds). These funds are managed by fund managers who trade assets on digital exchanges. Smart contracts are making these funds management secured and trustful, and patent-pending privacy algorithms can hide trades and fund managers’ hiding strategies. So, these funds are kind of PAMM accounts which allowing users to compare results of trading, select most profitable, less risky or any other criteria-related manager, and trade with him and his portfolio.

CoTrader allows trading not only on cryptomarket but usage of tokenized real-world assets. Tokens (COT) are internal currency of project, i.e. investor (CoTrader) must buy a token and deposit it into interested fund.

Anyone can become a fund manager, but for proving his efficiency, he must start trading only with his own funds for creating a profitability (ROI – Return On Investments) history.

The MVP now is available only in private testnet, but it will be published before ICO. Full release will be performed in July 2018.

Business Plan

No business plan presented in WP, which is strange for finance-oriented project.

Marketing Strategy

Also, there is no marketing strategy – just ambitious plans to become the world’s largest marketplace for investment funds, assets trading and related services.


Team looks small: founder (with experience in crypto-trading and some unsuccessful start-ups), CTO, operations manager, business development and content writer. No finance persons, no IT (despite of CTO), no marketing & sales persons found in roasted team. These positions can be found in Advisors board which looks professional, but they have to be in main team, especially on start point.

The Vision of the Market

WP gave only brief information about total investing funds volume and ambitious plans to became a large project on this market. Probably it happens because of marketing person absence in team.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of project consists from all persons interested in risky investments, but there are no market analysis presented.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains comparing of the project with existing and planning to launch decentralized fund management platforms like Iconomy and Melonport. On our opinion, it’s enough for proving that this idea may be successful in case of correct and full establishing.


Project strong sides: interesting idea, good competitors analysis, MVP publishing before ICO.

Project weak sides: lack of market analysis, business plan, incomplete team.

So our position is negative.