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Analysis of ICO CoinMetro



The CoinMetro platform is a solution "all-in-one" for cryptosphere. The platform should provide excellent user infrastructure, mobility between digital assets and traditional markets.

CoinMetro Ecosystem will include:

  • fast, intuitive exchange;
  • a multi-functional trading platform offering unique opportunities for investing in digital assets;
  • turnkey ICO Express solution.

All services will be available through simplified web application with user interface that is fully integrated with industry leading platforms. CoinMetro will evaluate all services using its own digital token called COIN.

CoinMetro will also offer innovative investment models such as the platform Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) and exchange-traded criptofund (ETCF), designed to access diversification of digital assets with a single click.

CoinMetro should act as a channel between traditional finance and digital asset economy. In the framework of CoinMetro Ecosystem will be created CoinMetro Token Express designed to automate ICO. CoinMetro managers will advise the founders of ICO projects and allow approved projects to use Token Express CoinMetro service.

But the product is not unique. This kind of products already exist and regularly appear new ones, the idea of the product is quite banal.

Business Plan

Development of the platform began in late 2017, and in March 2018 users are already invited to test the platform.
In 2018 CoinMetro plans to obtain several licenses in different jurisdictions (Estonia, Georgia, Cayman Islands, etc.) that will allow to provide the services offered, including SEPA transfers, SWIFT transfers, credit cards, etc. the founders of the project plan to work together with the brokerage company FXPIG, which probably initiated the CoinMetro project.

Maximum commission for the services of the platform will be 0.10%.

The budget allocation is as follows:

  • HR & Development 40%
  • Marketing 30%
  • Reserve fund; possible buyouts, takeovers, acquisitions, etc. 20%
  • Legal, Compliance, Regulatory 10%

Business plan does not contain many details, but in general it looks quite realistic.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is not described in detail. The White Paper has a lot of technical details, and that's not bad. But not a word about how CoinMetro will be promoted, what marketing tools will be used.

At the moment, we can only see that the project is quite actively presented in social networks:

  • about 3000 subscribers on Facebook;
  • about 5,000 readers in Twitter;
  • more than 14 000 participants in Telegram;
  • posts on Medium gain from 50 to 500 likes.


The project team consists of 18 people experienced in trading, blockchain and application development, marketing.

The project team already has experience in financial markets, they came from FXPIG broker company, which exists since 2011. As stated in the White Paper, the team has experience in building relationships with banks and payment gateways, establishing international partnerships, liquidity management, work with regulators, market analysis, development of trading systems and expanding user base. Undoubtedly, this experience will be useful for the new project CoinMetro.

The team is also supported by 11 advisors.

The Vision of the Market

The White Paper contains no data on the state of the market. Meanwhile, there are a lot of similar products. And this is a big disadvantage, because the founders of the project should realistically assess the situation and understand that they will have to seriously fight with existing players for their share of the market.

Understanding of the Target Audience

As a target audience, the founders of the project see both beginners who are going to buy their first bitcoin, and experienced traders. There is a product for entrepreneurs in the field of digital assets. They are offered a platform for the ICO. In general, the founders of the project have an understanding of the target audience, but a detailed analysis of its segments was not carried out.

Competitive Advantage

The founders of the project see the advantage of CoinMetro in a handy user interface, with which even a novice can easily cope with the purchase of his first bitcoin. And experienced traders "will enjoy a fast, secure and flexible environment that combines familiar features into CoinMetro digital asset ecosystem." The platform will provide customer support services: friendly bot, online chat, knowledge base, FAQ. Security will be provided through two-factor authentication ("2FA"). But all of the above – is quite standard things. The founders of the project haven't formulated how exactly their product will be better than those that are already on the market.