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Analysis of ICO Coin Advisor



COIN ADVISOR is building a one stop shop for the Crypto community and a powerful trading platform that will make hedge fund technology and skills available to everybody. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will no longer be an exclusive of big financial institutions. Private developers will now be able to increase their revenue by renting out their strategies to other private individuals. Furthermore, the possibility to unite several crypto and traditional brokers’ accounts into one single interface will make it much easier to trade, engage in arbitrage or fully implement a hedge market neutral portfolio.

The major goal of the project is to create and develop a platform and a community that allows easy crypto-assets trading, both discretionary and automatically from different exchanges via a single interface or cloud bot.

Another crypto exchange. Description of product causes a sense of deja vu. Unfortunately, the idea of the product is absolutely banal, and the market is filled up.

Business plan

Online Beta Test of MVP will appear in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Further development of the project is planned until mid-2019. Soft cap is 300k USD and hard cap is 15 million USD.

Token allocation:

  • Air Drop 0,50%
  • ICO 76,00%
  • Founders & team 18,50%
  • Advisory 5,00%.

Fund allocation:

  • Product Development 35%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Operations & Maintenance 20%
  • Bonus 10%
  • Legal/Regulations 5%
  • Reserve 5%.

CADV token has four main functions:

  • Users can pay at discount for services on the platform;
  • Users can rent a strategy
  • Owners of a relevant amount of CADV will get a lifetime full access to all the services and the available indicators, strategies and tools
  • Tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

CADV Token will be listed as a tradable Token on various exchanges. Listing is scheduled within 2-3 weeks after ICO’s end.

It is said nothing about the sources of income of the platform, but it is obvious that the COIN ADVISOR will charge users a fee for transactions, as do all similar platforms.

The business plan is adequate for this kind of project.

Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, the project doesn't have a marketing strategy. But the project really needs it. The founders of the project need a very strong marketing plan to bring the product to market. A strong marketing strategy is crucial in a highly competitive market environment.


The project team consists of 9 people with experience in investment, finance, trading, analytics, IT management, machine learning engineering, IT-development, and marketing. The experience of the team members is described in detail and is sufficient for the project.

The Vision of the Market

The White Paper contains common statistics on the cryptocurrency market, its volume and trends, the number of traded cryptocurrencies, etc. The founders of the project note that the number of crypto exchanges is growing very fast, and there are more than 9,000 active ones, but almost none of them are offering more than 100 pairs to trade, the average is around a dozen. But no specific data on competitors is provided.

Also statistics on the number of crypto users who have more than one wallet is given.

In general, the founders of the project have a vision of the market, but the project clearly lacks a detailed analysis of competitors providing similar services.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The White Paper contains no analysis of the target audience; there is mention only of the "active traders population". But there are a huge number of trading platforms. The founders of the project should have singled out the segment of the target audience, which could become its core.

Competitive Advantage

According to the founders of the project, COIN ADVISOR has the following advantages:

  • One front-end interface with real time positions cumulated from all linked accounts among different brokers/exchanges, and one single market order mask
  • Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning solution
  • Open and distributed community to share and rent indicators and strategies.

But these advantages don't make the project outstanding in a highly competitive environment. In addition to the existing crypto exchanges, such projects appear every month.


The project COIN ADVISOR has only two strengths:

  • Team with relevant experience
  • Realistic business plan.

Further should be mentioned the shortcomings:

  • Huge competition in the market
  • Non-original concept of the product
  • Lack of marketing strategy and strong competitive advantages.