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Analysis of ICO ClearCoin



ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment.

ClearCoin works with the supply chain of the $563 billion media and advertising industry. ClearCoin (CLR) tokens power its distributed ledger blockchain technology that can improve the supply chain of the rapidly growing media and advertising industry. ClearCoin’s solutions increase efficiencies and reduce the reported $16 billion of annual ad fraud.

With The ClearVision Dashboard Powered By The ClearCoin Token, you can easily execute media buys using programmatic Omni-Channel Dashboard that features major publishers like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Display Ads pulled from the top supply sources in the industry. You can launch highly targeted campaigns using advanced AI + ML Cohort, Demographic, and Sentiment tools. Anonymized user data created using the ClearCoin SmartProfile Framework connects with the Geometric ClearCoin SmartStone Ledger, allowing you to track ad inventory with Next-Generation Blockchain Technology.

In fact, ClearCoin is a software that allows you to effectively manage advertising companies.

The idea of the product is not unique, such platforms already exist.

Business Plan

The development of СlearСoin platform began in 2017, and the first working version of the product will appear only in mid-2018. Then it is planned to further develop the product until 2020 inclusive.

The software cap of the project is $ 1 million and the hard cap is $ 40 million.

ClearCoin will receive a 10% fee for each advertising transaction on platform.

In the White Paper there are published financial plans of revenues and expenditures for the next few years, including a detailed financial plan for 2018.

In general, the business plan looks quite adequate.

Marketing Strategy

There is no detailed description of the marketing strategy in the White Paper. The white paper States that «ClearCoin expects to become a marquee advertising platform with its revolutionary technologies. ClearCoin intends to work with all relevant members of the advertising ecosystem. This includes demand-side platforms (DSP), supply-side platforms (SSP), ad networks, publisher networks, data providers, and more. Integrating with the ecosystem will help us collaborate with others to combat ad fraud and bring true transparency to the advertising market. Other types of partners we can take on include ad servers, data management platforms, publisher tools, attribution tools, measurement and analytic platforms, data suppliers, and more».

The majority of ClearCoin early budgets are allocated to product development with a smaller amount allocated to marketing.

One reason is that founders are familiar with the lowest cost and most efficient forms of viral marketing available today. They are able to reach greater amounts of people with a lower budget.

The first set of customers for ClearCoin will be demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms. Adding demand-side and supply-side partners will generate new revenue for the business.

The marketing strategy describes only general directions and reflects the team's hopes to manage small expenses for product promotion. No details.


The project team consists of 12 people experienced in digital advertising, product development, software development, engineering, market strategy, finance, law, venture investment. The team is supported by 7 advisers with experience in entrepreneurship, venture investment, blockchain technologies. The experience of team members and advisors is described in detail and inspires confidence. But on the website and in the White Paper there is information about the recruitment of new team members. This means that the team is not yet fully staffed.

The Vision of the Market

In the White Paper there are data on the market and its main players such as Google, Facebook etc. But there is no analysis of the competitive environment vendors of software for advertising management.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The project is intended for all participants of the digital advertising market:

  • Marketers who need to bring their message to the world;
  • Brands that need to grow their relationships to their customer;
  • Agencies, looking for transparency, security, and modern technology;
  • Ad networks that aggregate demand;
  • Publishers in the broad digital environment including decentralized applications;
  • Publisher Networks that aggregate supply;
  • Demand Side Platforms. Aggregated demand platforms that bid on exchanges;
  • Supply Side Platforms. Aggregated supply platforms that need bids on inventory.

We can say that the founders of the project have a clear understanding of who and what their product is for.

Competitive Advantage

ClearCoin is producing the clearest and most transparent advertising software on the market. But in general, with the exception of blockchain and smart contracts, the product has no radical differences from existing analogues. In the White Paper as a competitive advantage indicated the following: «The team has made millions of dollars of revenue in ad tech with major clients that are household names». But this does not guarantee the success of the ClearCoin project.