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Analysis of ICO CGCX



CGCX (Calfin Global Crypto Exchange) will be an exchange platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies with friendly interface for individual investors as well as institutional traders. It will provide these services:

  • Crypto Exchange – 24/7 trading platform with supporting real-time trading of many financial instruments from crypto-market and real world. Also there will be created CGCX own wallet that supports multy-currency payments in CGCX ecosystem
  • ICO Listing platform with insurance protection for investors. New tokens will be added after voting of CGCX token holders voting, and 50% of voted tokens will be used as insurance pool
  • Merchant platform – a product for integration of cryptocurrencies payment system into e-commerce
  • Smart Contracts Platform.

Beta version will be available in June 2018; launch of ICO platform will be performed in July 2018 and smart contracts – in September 2018.

Make note there are no GitHub links, so the community can’t examine code of the product.

Business Plan

WP and website contains only information about soft cap and hard cap (USD 5 mln soft cap achieved; hard cap is 117647 ETH), token allocation (50% will be sold, and team and founders will receive only 20% with blocking up to 4 year). 30% of funds received will be used for product R&D, and 15% - on business development. No information about planned expenses was presented.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy was presented in WP, which is very strange for a project with ambitions to become a global leader in crypto exchange and blockchain solutions. There were presented only plans to starting work in different countries (Q2-Q4 2018 – from Singapore to Bahrain and UAE).


Team has a good experience, real Linkedin profiles and has members specialized in all actual directions (management, finance, fund management, IT, blockchain, marketing).

The Vision of the Market

No market information was presented in WP, despite of ambitious plans.

Understanding of the Target Audience

No clear information was presented. Probably it will be all traders and investors community.

Competitive Advantage

Main advantages of the project are, according the WP, unifying all services for traders and investors (not only crypto-investors) in one product; insuring the ICO investors; own merchant platform. WP contains no comparing with any possible competitors.


Project strong sides: one product for many purposes; insurance; merchant platform.

Project weak sides: no market strategy and analysis presented; no GitHub link.

So our position is neutral.