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Analysis of ICO Cappasity



Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that allows you to increase conversion by integrating 3D/VR/AR technology into your business processes. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for creation, storage and integration 3D content in online stores websites. Interactive viewing of goods in 3D allows you to transfer more information to consumers, as a consumer has the opportunity to zoom in and view in detail the goods sold on each side. Interactivity further delays the attention of a consumer on the product and allows him to remember it better. In addition, this interaction mode reduces the risk of returning goods, as a consumer has a better idea of what he is going to buy. Cappasity is the first comprehensive solution for integrating 3D into e-Commerce. A client receives free Easy 3D Scan software to digitize products and upload resulting 3D image to the Cappasity platform. Downloaded 3D images don't require manual processing and are immediately ready for demonstration on the client's website.

The Ecosystem uses blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell AR/VR/3D content. This is a marketplace for content creators, developers of 3D-based applications, businesses, and consumers. Marketplace for content exchange and the sandbox area as a testing environment for AR/VR/3D content.

The product is certainly interesting and in demand.

Business Plan

The project Cappasity started its history in 2013, when it was made the software Easy 3D Scan intended for online clothing stores. Today the platform provides more than 700,000 views per month and the team is working on new features and a mobile 3D-imaging app. In the next few years, the company plans to develop and improve its product, using the funds raised during tokensale.

The Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem is intended for those wishing to sell, rent or buy AR / VR and 3D content. Obviously, platform members will be charged for transactions.

Funds raised during tokensale, will be allocated as follows:

  • 20% Cappasity Innovation fund
  • 10% Reward fund
  • 43% of the software development
  • 27% sales & marketing

The business plan contains no details. In fact, the product already exists, and ICO is needed for additional funding.

Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, there is no description of marketing activities in the White Paper, while the rest of the issues are described on 62 pages. Perhaps the finished product doesn't need aggressive marketing, but the founders of the project should describe the main directions of marketing.


The team consists of 5 people experienced in 3D industry, application development, blockchain, marketing, sales. The team is supported by 10 advisers, some of them have experience in venture capital investment. In addition, the project is supported by legal company DLA Piper.

The team and advisers look competent enough, their experience is relevant to the project.

The Vision of the Market

In the White Paper there is a brief overview of development of AR/VR industry. There are the review of AR/VR market condition according to IDC Research, Citi Research, Goldman Sachs, Digi-Capital and the forecast of this market growth up to 2021 more than 10 times. The AR/VR software market analysis and analysis of AR/VR application in various industries (healthcare, engineering, live events, amusement, retail, education etc.) are also given. The founders of the project give the following arguments with references to research: «Although various big market players have launched their own VR hardware, not many people use it on a regular basis and it is still far from becoming mainstream. One of the top reasons is the lack of compelling content». In general, the data on the market look quite reasonable, sources inspire confidence.

But there is practically no data on the competitive environment and competitive advantages of the product. Several 3D industry players are mentioned, but detailed data on them are not given.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The platform is designed for content creators and companies that need high-quality 3D content. The solution should provide content makers with easy and scalable tools for content generation in order to engage new artists and stimulate content exchange. But these target groups are not studied in detail.

Competitive Advantage

The project provides a 3D digitizing solution that has become easier, faster and much more friendly than this could be imagined a couple of years ago. The blockchain is supposed to solve the problem of storage of content and copyright protection. According to the idea of the founders of the project, the platform Cappasity should simplify the processes for both creators and buyers of 3D content, eliminate intermediaries between them, make their interaction faster and more efficient.

But we would like to see a more detailed analysis of the competitive environment, because not only Capassity works in this direction.