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Analysis of ICO BrainerZ



BrainerZ is a playground for intelligent (knowledge-based) games, hence the name of the project. The goal of the project is not to change the world or disrupt the market but to create an interactive application for intelligent social games. The main features of the application are competitiveness and sociality. Winning games depends on the knowledge, skills and intelligence of the users.

BrainerZ Playground places special emphasis on content. The content will be developed both within the project and then by users of the application.

Currently two games are announced: TreasureZ and RiddleZ. If the user chose TreasureZ, he / she can choose the topic of questions (music, books, etc.) and join the game session. The answers should be given in a few seconds. The user receives tokens for a good result. The result can be compared with the results of other players.  And RiddleZ invites users to solve mind-cracking riddles.

The project is very interesting, and there is a market niche for it. But there is also competition. However, the project has a good chance to win the sympathy of users, because users are tired of usual games and crave new ones.

Business plan

In February 2018, the First BrainerZ riddle launch took place. The alpha version of TreasureZ will take place in August 2018. By July 2019, 5 games will be available on the BrainerZ Playground.

Soft cap is $ 500,000; hard cap is 12 000 dollars.

Tokens will be distributed in the following way:

  • ICO 60%
  • Operations 22%
  • Team & advisors 10%
  • Game incentives & reserves 6%
  • Bounty 2%.

The collected funds will be used as follows:

  • Research & development 50%
  • Marketing & PR 30%
  • Legal & logistics 10%
  • Affiliates & partnerships 5%
  • Product managers & game economists 5%.

To access the app users will need to buy a certain amount of tokens. Then users can earn tokens while playing the game and use them in the future inside the platform. BrainerZ doesn't disclose the ways to earn profit.

Token BrainerZ is a utility token. Token can be used to access game sessions, to buy interesting game content, to increase the level of the game and get discounts. The founders of the project give an interesting thesis about the role of tokens. Most tokens can only be used for trading and BrainerZ tokens can be used as game currency in other crypto-games. To embed BrainerZ tokens in other playgrounds the project team will look for partners.

The business plan is quite typical for this kind of project but not detailed enough.

Marketing Strategy

The project doesn't have a full marketing strategy. You can see only single items such as bounty program and social media accounts.


It is mentioned in the White paper the team has been working together for 4 years, developing applications and other B2C products mainly in the Israeli market.

The team consists of 6 people with experience in blockchain projects, application development, marketing, IT-engineering, and programming. The team is also supported by 6 advisers who consult the team on blockchain technologies and marketing.

In general the experience of the team looks quite relevant to the project.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project put forward the following theses regarding the state of the online gaming market. Currently, the market share of online games is growing, but the knowledge-based segment is not sufficiently covered. The founders of the project see the potential of BrainerZ in the fact that it is an intellectual game based on blockchain. These features should involve the members of cryptographic community. The founders of the project mention that there are already several similar applications on the market, but none of them uses blockchain.

The White Paper presents a table of several gaming applications that also are launching ICO or have already completed ICO. Projects are compared according to such parameters as the value of the token, hard cap and soft cap, etc. Probably, these projects ought to be compared by the quality of the product and not by the parameters of the ICO.

It is  mentioned further that there are several main areas in the online gaming industry, such as trivia, strategy, education and adventure. BrainerZ will take the best features from each of these sectors and position itself in the middle of the online gaming industry.

This information can't be called a clear vision of the market because it is only assumptions that are not supported with market research and statistical data.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The founders of the project consider the owners of crypto assets and gamers to be the main segment of their target audience. These people possess such qualities as intelligence, aspiration to knowledge, curiosity. The blockchain which provides transparency and decentralization is needed just to attract the crypto community which values these traits.  However, a detailed analysis of the target audience by socio-demographic and geographical criteria should be conducted. Unfortunately, the project team hasn't done this.

Competitive Advantage

According to the team, the project has several advantages:

  • High-quality gaming content created by experts in this field
  • BrainerZ is based on blockchain
  • BrainerZ is a simple and interesting platform for social games.

But it is unclear how the product is fundamentally different from its competitors. Perhaps BrainerZ will add variety to the set of intellectual games. But the founders of the project don't focus on the competitive advantages of the product. And blockchain doesn't play an essential role here.


The project BrainerZ has several strengths:

  • Interesting project idea
  • Clear business plan
  • Solid team.

Disadvantages of the project are as follows:

  • No full understanding of the market and the target audience
  • No marketing strategy
  • Competitive advantages of the product are not emphasized.