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Analysis of ICO Bounty Angels



The Bounty Angels platform offers an automated solution for Bounty campaigns. It will simplify work for Bounty Hunters and overcome difficulties related to running a Bounty campaign for blockchain projects and advertising agencies. Apart from development of advertising tools, the platform plans to create  a pool of qualified advisors, software developers and designers to facilitate implementation of projects. The platform offers the following opportunities:

  • Token distribution in one click
  • KPI analytics
  • Bounty Hunter’s account
  • Trainings
  • Rating system for Bounty Hunters
  • Automatic search for Bounty activities.

An alpha version of the platform is available for testing.

Business Plan

Payments for platform services will be taken in BANG tokens only, therefore customers will have to buy tokens to start using Bounty Angels. The company predicts that the revenues will grow at high rate thanks to platform’s automatization and market competitiveness. The cost of services will be significantly lower than payments to Bounty Hunters. When the frozen pool will be exhausted, tokens will be bought to secure payments to Bounty Hunters. This will also stimulate the growth. The token is an internal payment for activities of Bounty Hunters and an external payment between token holders. Token holders are not part of the project team.    

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP. The team is rather active on social media platforms, but numbers of followers are low.


Team members have professional experience in the following fields: marketing, business development, PR and marketing, design, developing. They call themselves blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There are three advisors with expertise in ICO marketing, legal and product development.

The Vision of the Market

The project targets a new market of blockchain technology and startups using Bounty campaigns to promote their ICOs. There are number of marketing agencies which start to offer services for such startups. But they are limited in numbers of qualified professionals. Also the demand for services promoting blockchain projects greatly exceeds their supply. Main participants of the market - ICO, Bounty Hunters and advertising agencies - have different issues connected with aforementioned problems.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Bounty Angels platform targets three audience groups, as was mentioned before - ICO, Bounty Hunters and advertising agencies. ICO’s issue is in the absence of standards for Bounty campaigns.  Bounty Hunters are never sure that a particular token will go public and a Hunter will receive a rewards for his/her participation. Advertising agencies have to tackle limitations connected with Bounty Hunters quality of work and accounting issues. Bounty Angels platform offers solutions to each target audience.

Competitive Advantage

The WP offers a short overview of platform’s competitive advantages. One similar project - a direct competitor - was identified: bounty0x. The main difference between the two products is: Bounty Angels platform operates as an advertising agency for projects and offers customized strategies based on individual approach. Project’s weakness compared to a competitor: services are provided on a paid basis only, so not all companies will be able to use them. On the other hand, this will help to filter out low-quality projects.    


Strengths: alpha version of the platform is available The market potential was rightly identified by the team.   

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan. The project is a complex one and may require additional fundings and resources, according to analysts from expert-coin rating. There is no distribution of funds information in the WP and on the website. There are no team members profiles in the WP. Team lacks proven expertise in blockchain technology, ICO, finance; it is also not international enough (and the project is planned to become global).