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Analysis of ICO BlockMesh



The founders of BlockMesh created an efficient P2P mesh* - anonymous and decentralized communication platform. The network allows users to send data and messages through Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi and cell towers, making the process cost-free. Users can also use the BlockMesh app with normal cellular data if there isn’t a strong enough mesh network available nearby. The user will also earn Mesh Tokens for every MB of data that passing through their mobile device while using the app.

BlockMesh ecosystem includes three modules:

  • MeshDEV: a platform with open source code for developers
  • MeshEX: custom Wi-Fi routers (a hardware device)
  • MeshAD: targeted geolocated and demographic insights for advertisers.

The app is available on Google Play.

*A mesh network is a group of devices communicating and passing information from one device to another in sequence till the intended recipient is reached.

Business Plan

The White Paper claims that the aim of the project is to create a self-sustainable financial ecosystem for communication and IoT. The platform will work on a basis of fees dependant on data volume payable with Mesh Token. The liquidity is also based on smart-tokens which will used for implementation of new types of monetary models, applications and value networks (local currencies, project tokens, decentralized index funds etc). There is also a “mining” BlockMesh through Proof of Network.

Mining rewards will be distributed over 10 years and calculated per MB passed along the mesh; capped on personal usage at 1.8 GB’s per month.

The White Paper has detailed description of technology behind the project, there is more information in FAQs section of the website. The roadmap is very short and lacks more details and milestones.

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing strategy mentioned in the White Paper, but a working version of the app is available for download and there is a bounty campaign going. The company is very active on social media and their following is solid.


The team includes professionals from all relevant fields like entrepreneurship, cryptocurremcy, blockchain development, marketing, investment planning, legal and analytics. The board of advisors is represented by experts in finance, IT and strategy gained at Yahoo, IBM, DreamWork etc.

The Vision of the Market

The marketing research presented in the White Paper is supported by the latest reports and data from Deloitte. The problems which exist in communication market are described, there is also an explanation about unequal penetration of Internet and Wi-Fi in developing countries. BlockMesh offers solutions to address this.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The platform is aimed to become global, but the focus is made on developing countries. BlockMesh network will free up a huge part of user’s income and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate new sources of growth.

Competitive Advantage

There is no mention of competitors or competitor analysis. The advantage of this project is in availability of working version of the app and in fact that sof cap was successfully reached. The signed partnership agreements are also important.


Strengths: the app is available for download; soft cap reached, solid following on social media. The knowledge of market helped the team to identify an opportunity and niche to take. Signed partnerships, including the one with Bancor.

Weaknesses: technology behind the project could become too complex to build (further investments will be required). The White Paper doesn’t have some important parts like financial and marketing plans. There are no short bio of tea members/advisors in WP/website.